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So today I met with the manager at the Atlanta Bread Company. I am going to have our F2F for Spring VirtCon there on April 20th and I just wanted to touch bases. I assumed it would be a quick meeting of……Yes- you can have a screen and we will move tables. To my amazement it turned into a 25 minute conversation on how much he admires teachers and was so glad to have us there. He is providing coffee for our group and a few danishes, upping the internet access for the day, assigning a staff member to look after us, and he will have his staff move tables and put out RESERVED…TEACHERS at WORK SIGN! I left there feeling rejuvenated and so encouraged. This man (an immigrant from Russia) is thoroughly supporting us in our endeavor. I know that we are eating there and it will bring in some income BUT he is going out of his way to make this a special day. So THANK YOU Discovery Education for organizing our Spring VirtCon and thank you ABC for hosting us. (BTW- at last check- we have about 18 educators signed up to spend the day with us)


  1. Delsia Easley

    This is great news! You all will have a great time for sure!

  2. Porter Palmer

    Love this!

  3. Peg Hartwig

    This is such a great share! Teachers really do appreciate community support! Congrats at such a great location! Hope you have a great turnout!

  4. Conni Mulligan

    Absolutely wonderful! So glad that you shared this info with us.

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