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What does it mean to get better at thinking together?

What does it mean to get better at thinking together?

Most of us would likely agree that it is pretty easy to think with people who hold about the same set of thoughts we hold. Yet, truly thinking with others means thinking with those who might look at things very differently from you. When you effectively engage with others who think differently than you, you

S.O.S: Vocabulary Stepping Stones

Welcome to  Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our S.O.S series  provides help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. Vocabulary Stepping Stones PDF Version Background Thanks to DEN STAR Susan Bowdoin from APS for showing me the great article ‘Using Video and Film in the Classroom’ from Reading.org where I am borrowing this

Time to Discover

Today, I was reminded about the importance of giving students time to discover. I posted three questions on the board: How might water displacement help us find the density of a rock? What is the difference between weight, mass, and density? How could you use metrics in the answers to the above questions? I allowed

A Champion Has Been Crowned

March Madness is over.  The Louisville Cardinals took home the NCAA Championship on Monday, April 8th, but there was another champion crowned that day as well.  After almost 1,200 votes throughout DEN March Madness, Edmodo came out on top with Animoto coming in second.  Once again, the DEN Community showed how awesome they are by

Nominate a DEN STAR for a DENny

Save the date! The DENny Awards are scheduled for May 23. The DENny Awards? Yes! These are special awards for STAR Discovery Educators. It’s a time for us to celebrate the very best of the DEN. With categories like Best DEN Event, The RJ Stangherlin (for excellence in blogging), and Rising STAR (for new STARs),

#DENChat Number 5 is Archived!

Wow! It seems like just a month ago we started the whole #DENChat ball rolling!  Our fifth weekly chat is in the books.  Kelly Hines did a great job offering questions related to Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). In the chat you will find information about how teachers are gathering members for their PLN, how they