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A Reminder

A Reminder

Sometimes it is hard to find the right words to say. Our very talented friend, Peter Reynolds seems to have an uncanny ability to simplify things and say them just right. We think this is one of those times.                       Download your own copy.  

Reflective, Collaborative Dialogue and Action Around Effective Teaching and Learning

If we care about the education of today’s youth it behooves us to take adult learning seriously. We adults can learn our way into the future or we can hold onto the status quo in our classrooms/schools or we can defer to the massive network of sales people promoting a multitude of educational products.   I

More Updates on the Knoxville Virtual Conference

We’re getting close now!  This Saturday, April 20th, is the Spring Virtual Conference for Discovery.  There are lots of great Live Stream feeds planned for the day.  And, there are also dozens of local events being hosted across the country as educators come together to share their knowledge and experience and learn together.  Knoxville is

#DENChat 6 Is Archived

Did you miss our 6th installment of #DENChat?  I know I did.  Work got in the way.  And then the weather.  And, well, I couldn’t get online for the chat.  Every week I hear from someone who, like me last week, didn’t make it.  That’s why there is an archive. These are important conversations among