DEN Spring Training 2013 – Join the Fun

My school system celebrates a late Spring Break, so until next Tuesday I’m enjoying a few days off. I have been having a great time reading, posting to social media sites all day long, and attending webinars. Another activity that I discovered was the DEN Spring Training. When I realized that I was doing some of the things already that could help me earn the 40 points needed to complete the challenge and earn some DEN swag, I was all over it like red beans on rice.

Over the last two days I have earned more than forty points and have the honor of sitting at the top of the leader board on a (new to me) tool called Youtopia. I’m going to bask in my glory tonight, because I know from a conversation on Twitter that DEN Star Dacia Jones is gaining on me fast.

Join in the fun and sign up here for the DEN Spring Training event.


  1. Gary

    I got my old coworker to join me at the Face-to-Face site, Center for Technology MCPS. He is deepy into the sessions!

    • Paula Naugle

      Gary, Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear that you got your coworker hooked. Enjoy your day of learning.

  2. Wendy norton

    I am really glad you have an archive for the presentations. Missed the live event due to a fishing tourney today. Getting caught up now!

    • Paula Naugle

      Did you catch any fish? Yes, glad the sessions are archived because I can catch the ones I didn’t attend during the concurrent sessions.

  3. Kim Caise

    Congrats Paula for your spring training achievements! Best wishes to all participating!

    • Paula Naugle

      Thanks, Kim. It has been fun participating in the Spring training challenges.

  4. Conni Mulligan

    Thanks for the reminder. I signed up for this but in all the VirtCon and Webinars this week, I totally forgot to get my training started!!

    • Paula Naugle

      Conni, don’t worry, with all that you are doing for the DEN, you should be able to score lots of points in the DEN Spring Training.

  5. Jan Wells

    Yippee! That’s exciting to be on the list, and yet at the very top, too! Love seeing you’re name all over the place. Congrats, friend!

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