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  1. NC DEN STAR Spotlight

    Meet DIANE RIPOLLONE   Where do you teach? Cardinal Gibbons High School   What do you teach? Various Grades and Subjects/ Earth Science   When did you become a DEN member? 2010   What’s your favorite thing about being a DEN member? The collaboration, teachers have great ideas and I love to gather all these […]


    MAD MATERIALS, STRANGE POLYMERS, AND CRAZY COLLOIDS STAR IN APRIL 17 DUKE EVENT   Astonishing materials, crazy chemistry, and all things squishy and gooey are the stars of this family-friendly, hands-on evening of science hosted by the Triangle Materials Research Science and Engineering Center on Wednesday, April 17, from 4:30-7:30 p.m at the Gross Hall […]

  3. National Youth Sports Safety Month

    Blog post written by Kelsey Johnson. April is National Youth Sports Safety Month! I’m sure many of you have young athletes in your classes. While it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of sports, it’s important to review the safety precautions beforehand. Take time with your students to review the some of these […]

  4. Den Reads: Recommendations for Professional Reading

    Getting right to the point, here are some of my recommendations for professional reading: > Machines Are the Easy Part; People Are the Hard Part:observations about making technology work in schools  by Doug Johnson With humor, insight and short easy to read chapters, Johnson addresses topics from encouraging job security to the particular needs of […]

  5. What does it mean to get better at thinking together?


    Most of us would likely agree that it is pretty easy to think with people who hold about the same set of thoughts we hold. Yet, truly thinking with others means thinking with those who might look at things very differently from you. When you effectively engage with others who think differently than you, you […]

  6. S.O.S: Vocabulary Stepping Stones

    Welcome to  Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our S.O.S series  provides help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. Vocabulary Stepping Stones PDF Version Background Thanks to DEN STAR Susan Bowdoin from APS for showing me the great article ‘Using Video and Film in the Classroom’ from where I am borrowing this […]

  7. Time to Discover

    Today, I was reminded about the importance of giving students time to discover. I posted three questions on the board: How might water displacement help us find the density of a rock? What is the difference between weight, mass, and density? How could you use metrics in the answers to the above questions? I allowed […]

  8. A Champion Has Been Crowned

    March Madness is over.  The Louisville Cardinals took home the NCAA Championship on Monday, April 8th, but there was another champion crowned that day as well.  After almost 1,200 votes throughout DEN March Madness, Edmodo came out on top with Animoto coming in second.  Once again, the DEN Community showed how awesome they are by […]

  9. Nominate a DEN STAR for a DENny


    Save the date! The DENny Awards are scheduled for May 23. The DENny Awards? Yes! These are special awards for STAR Discovery Educators. It’s a time for us to celebrate the very best of the DEN. With categories like Best DEN Event, The RJ Stangherlin (for excellence in blogging), and Rising STAR (for new STARs), […]

  10. #DENChat Number 5 is Archived!

    Wow! It seems like just a month ago we started the whole #DENChat ball rolling!  Our fifth weekly chat is in the books.  Kelly Hines did a great job offering questions related to Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). In the chat you will find information about how teachers are gathering members for their PLN, how they […]

  11. Mousey Monday – CDW-G Win a Wireless Lab Sweepstakes 2013


                                Happy Mousey Monday from Mousey and the Discovery Education Customer and Technical Support team! Mousey wanted to bring to your attention the sweepstakes we are running with one of our partners, CDW-G. The CDW-G Win a Wireless Lab Sweepstakes 2013 is […]

  12. Testing Time in PA

    Today is testing day in Pennsylvania. Our students have been prepared and the teachers are ready. This year the DOE required each teacher to complete a 45 minute webinar and quiz about the ethics of this PSSA test. I don’t mind, I did it and it was a good review of the procedures. As a […]

  13. Don’t Get Caught in Email Tag

    Who are you? What do you do? Where do you work? How do I contact you later? These are very simple questions that everyone reading emails should be able to answer for themselves.  However, do you know the answers to these 4 simple questions for the rest of the individuals that send you emails?  Hundreds […]

  14. DEN Reads

    Lots of teachers love to use Spring Break as a time to catch up on some reading. Did you check out any of the recommendations from our DEN Reads Campaign? If you explored your own new title, article, or blog  add your own recommendation for others to see!   Need something to tide you over […]

  15. DEN Weekly Update 4-5-2013


    Are you ready to take the next step in growing your network? Consider joining the DEN Leadership Council. We’ll share how you can connect with other classrooms with the latest DEN Connects project. Also, learn about DEN Reads! and become a DENbrarian. Click here for the DEN Weekly Update and to learn about all the […]

  16. DEN STARs in the News: Cheryl Lykowski


    Michigan DEN STAR and Leadership Council member Cheryl Lykowski‘s students, along with all students at her school, grades 2-5, participated in the World Education Games. These are 3 days of real-time competition in Literacy, Math, and Science with students from all over the world. At the end of the competition, the school answered over 67,000 […]

  17. Wanna Be a DENbrarian?

    We are so excited about DEN Reads and the professional reading that is being shared, but we couldn’t imagine leaving out the kids? Young Adult literature has become increasingly popular over the last few years for kids and adults, alike. Thanks to YA series, like The Hunger Games, millions of people are coming back to reading […]

  18. re: Join us at NSTA

    If you saw Patti’s post on Wednesday, you know that there’s already a lot going on at NSTA.  Here’s some more fun that you can join in on… Discovery Education presents: fit 4 the classroom Focus Group  When: Friday, April 12 at 11:00 AM Where: The Valero Room at the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel Registration: […]

  19. NC Science Festival Starts Today

    The North Carolina Science Festival 2013 opens on Friday, April 5, with a Statewide Star Party — public skywatching sessions (weather permitting) at more than 40 locations statewide. That’s just the beginning. For the next two weeks (through April 21), the Festival becomes a 500-mile-wide celebration of all things science in North Carolina. Among the […]

  20. Morehead’s Summer 2013 Teacher (K-12) Professional Development Workshops

    Morehead Planetarium is pleased to announce their summer 2013 teacher (K-12) professional development  workshops! Register Now!   Professional development workshops are geared towards K-12 teachers with the new essential standards and common core alignment included. Each participating teacher will receive a curriculum notebook, materials class set for 30, and 1 CEU credit. Lunch and snacks are provided.   […]

  21. #DENChat TONIGHT

    Don’t miss out on tonight’s #DENChat at 8:00 pm EDT! The discussion tonight will focus around building and maintaining a learning network. This is a great chat for those new and old to social networking and personal learning networks. We want you!   Here are a few great tips on the best ways to participate […]