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  1. DEN Reads and Shares

    Looking for ideas for summer reading? Want to start a professional book club in your area? Check out these excellent suggestions from DEN members from across the country.   Brain Rules John Medina 979777704 Rating: 4 I think this is a great book for teachers to read about how the brain works. Favorite line/quote:  Brain […]

  2. DEN Weekly Update 5-31-2013


    This week’s DEN Weekly Update is full of great information for you! Here are just a few things to make sure you check out: My DE for Students and Board Builder DEN’s Favorite Places Hangout with Kathy Schrock Click here to learn about these great opportunities and more. Your DEN Team

  3. STARs in the News: Tally Burkhart

    Tally Burkhart, a California DEN STAR, shared her experience that appears in an article in the May 2013 issue of Educational Leadership.  The issue focuses on poverty and there is a piece called “Tell Me About…/Your Firsthand Experience with Poverty.”  People with a wide range of occupations and experiences share their experiences, including Tally.  Tally […]

  4. Fun Fact Friday: Snakes in New Zealand

    Yellow bellied sea snake

    Did you know that there are no snakes, either native or introduced, in New Zealand? It’s true! It should be said, more specifically, that there are no land snakes in New Zealand. Due to New Zealand being an island, the commonly held explanation is that there was no way for land snakes to get there. […]

  5. Explore the Blue! Livestream from J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge

    Explore the Blue! June 5, 2013 1:00-2:00 PM ET Live from J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge Register: Put your waders on and come exploring with us on this virtual field trip live from Sanibel Island, Florida.  Ding Darling is part of the largest undeveloped mangrove ecosystem in the United States, and it is world […]

  6. DEN STARs in the News: Geneva Hultenius


    California DEN STAR Geneva Hultenius recently shared information about a class project her students worked on.  Geneva, a third grade teacher at Heritage Elementary School, put her students up to a challenge and the prize was a $1,000 scholarship provided by a Bonnie Plants.  Geneva was interested in teaching her students about the scientific method […]

  7. It’s Coffee Time

    Whether you’re a coffee drinker or not, you should find a moment for “Coffee Time.”  DEN STAR and Guru Tim Childers has put together a fun little video series on YouTube related to educational technology and how to use certain apps and websites in education.  Below, is Tim’s latest video.      

  8. Watch the May Science Live Stream

    We made a joyful noise last Wednesday with the May Science Live Stream: The Sound of Science.  Broadcast LIVE from the Community School of Naples 4th grade class, Instructional Implementation Specialist Patti Duncan presented over 25 hands-on and digital ways to teach the concept of sound.  You can view the archive of the Science Live […]

  9. Google Voice Search

    Google and Chrome are working together to enhance features for all learners. While using the Chrome web browser, and then going to Google to search the web, you will notice a microphone icon to the right of the search window. You can click the microphone and speak your search terms! I was amazed at how accurately it […]

  10. Pendemonium

    Are you looking for ways to incorporate more grammar lessons into your class? Do you love finding ways to integrate history and geography throughout the day? If so, check out the Pendemonium series on Discovery Streaming. In Discovery Education’s Lesson Plan Library, you can even find a collection of free lesson plans to enhance your […]

  11. DEN Techformation – EasyBib


    The above video was made with as a hook to a lesson we use to introduce students to EasyBib. When I was a student, many, many years ago, and was assigned a research paper, I truly enjoyed doing the research and writing the paper.  I truly hated writing the bibliography.  Back in the day, […]

  12. Oh The Things That You Learn

    Working with my son earlier tonight on his schoolwork led us to the website of my former school.  As I scrolled down the main page to see what’s happened over the last year or so, a story caught my eye. One of the teachers at the school, who I’ve worked with at the beginning of […]

  13. Free STEM Opportunity for NC Students

    The Exploring the Earth Camp could be for you! NC State is offering a FREE weeklong summer day camp to for rising Juniors and Seniors to learn geoscience field and laboratory research techniques. Geoscientists investigate the Earth, its rocks, oceans and atmosphere. We forecast the weather, develop land-use plans, explore other planets and the solar system, determine environmental impacts, find new […]

  14. Speaking in hashtag: #memorywall


    Over the past few months, my middle school students have started speaking in hashtag. For example, “I have hashtag twelve days of school left.”  Their adoption of speaking in hashtag drives me a little insane. Why spend all that energy to speak the extra syllables? So…when the time for our 8th grade memory wall came along, […]

  15. DEN Reads and Shares

    More excellent professional reading suggestions from our awesome DEN members!   Creating Innovators Tony Wagner 978-1-4516-1149-6 Rating: 5: DEN Finger Worthy In this book Tony Wagner provides a powerful rationale for developing an innovation-driven economy. He explores what parents, teachers, and employers must do to develop the capacities of young people to become innovators. This […]

  16. Data Stream Ocean course – Free!

    Calling all educators, both formal and informal!     There are spaces available in the Fall 2013 semester of DataStreme Ocean!  The only cost to you is your time — time to complete the weekly investigations and time to attend the meetings (plus whatever costs are involved for travel to the meetings).   DataStreme Ocean […]

  17. Challenge Your Students This Summer

    When I was in the classroom, this time of year was both exciting and hectic.  I looked forward to the summer break, but at the same time, was scrambling to wrap up things in the classroom, prepare my room for the summer, and put together activities for my students to complete in the coming months. […]

  18. DEN Weekly Update 5-24-2013


    We’re excited to tell you about My DE for Students, a whole new experience for students in Discovery Education that includes overview pages of their services, new resources, games, a student blog, and opportunities to get involved in projects and contests. Today, we’ve launched Board Builder, the first ever Builder Tool for students. With the […]

  19. Things I Think You Should Read


    Here’s the latest post in my “Things I Think You Should Read” series.  Enjoy these 5 articles and then enjoy the holiday weekend. Did you know that social media can improve an entire school district? Doug Johnson wonders what professional materials you read and why? For public schools, Twitter is no longer optional. How do […]

  20. Fun Fact Friday: Chickens


    Did you know that chickens actually store away gravel inside their bodies to aid in the digestive process? Chickens (and other birds) have a special organ called a gizzard. When chickens eat, they ingest bits of gravel and stones. These stones (called gastroliths) are stored away inside the gizzard, and help to grind the harder […]

  21. 2013 DENny Awards


    The prestigious DENny Awards were held last night honoring some of the many bright shining STARs in the DEN. We know that for every DENny Award presented, there are tons of other educators out there making great things happening. So, here’s a virtual DENny for all of you! THANK YOU.   Here’s the archive of […]