1. Carolyn Stanley

    Very, very cool! Thanks so much. @Lance- be glad it’s dolphins, not SHARKS!

  2. Mark

    Very cool! Our thanks go to you for being there all year for us! Teacher appreciation from us to you for giving us all these tools.

  3. Paula Naugle

    The DEN finger is raised high for all of you who made this great video. Wow Sir Ken Robinson! Is he an honorary DEN member? I’m loving this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week. Thank you all so much to our DENrific TEAM.

  4. Conni Mulligan

    Because of the DEN……….. I have become more! And I Thank you. All of YOU!

  5. Heather H

    THANK YOU!!!!

  6. Cathy Houchin

    Because of the DEN , I have changed too! I am not the teacher I used to be. A BIG thanks to the entire DEN team and teachers around the globe.

  7. Mary Carole Strother

    Love the video. Very Creative!! Thanks for the many things you guys do to support us. I know you spend countless hours making things great!! You are appreciated!!

  8. Karen Wells

    Because of the DEN I am faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound – I am a 21st century teacher!

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