Daily Archives: May 24, 2013

DEN Weekly Update 5-24-2013

We’re excited to tell you about My DE for Students, a whole new experience for students in Discovery Education that includes overview pages of their services, new resources, games, a student blog, and opportunities to get involved in projects and contests. Today, we’ve launched Board Builder, the first ever Builder Tool for students. With the

Things I Think You Should Read

Here’s the latest post in my “Things I Think You Should Read” series.  Enjoy these 5 articles and then enjoy the holiday weekend. Did you know that social media can improve an entire school district? Doug Johnson wonders what professional materials you read and why? For public schools, Twitter is no longer optional. How do

Fun Fact Friday: Chickens

Did you know that chickens actually store away gravel inside their bodies to aid in the digestive process? Chickens (and other birds) have a special organ called a gizzard. When chickens eat, they ingest bits of gravel and stones. These stones (called gastroliths) are stored away inside the gizzard, and help to grind the harder

2013 DENny Awards

The prestigious DENny Awards were held last night honoring some of the many bright shining STARs in the DEN. We know that for every DENny Award presented, there are tons of other educators out there making great things happening. So, here’s a virtual DENny for all of you! THANK YOU.   Here’s the archive of