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  1. Science Fair Workshop for Teachers in Western NC

    Science Fair Workshop for Teachers June 5, 2013 Western Carolina University Room 143, Cordelia Camp Building Free (pre-registration required) Lunch will be included Register Online Now Jim Davis will discuss his strategies for a successful science fair. Jim, who teaches at Tuscola High School, has been planning successful science fairs for years. He has […]

  2. Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 5


    We are nearing the official end of DEN Teacher Appreciation Week.  You’re probably a little sad knowing the love you’ve been getting from the DEN is winding down, but don’t fret, it’s Friday!  It’s the day of the week many people look forward to beginning every Monday.  We’ve been looking forward to today as well, […]

  3. I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

    I always laugh when I see that commercial. I don’t know why. I mean- it is pretty sad…the old man or lady are lying on the floor and they can’t move. I couldn’t understand why they were in that predicament and why they couldn’t get themselves up…..until TODAY!  I am tired. I mean really tired! […]

  4. To Flip or Not To Flip

    Last week on #DENChat, Lisa Parisi and Elaine Plybon took on both sides of the Flipped Classroom debate as they led the discussion on Twitter. Flipping the classroom is a method of instruction that involves teachers creating short snippets of instruction on video (usually 5 to 15 minutes) and posting them online for students to […]

  5. Nettrekker

    I am spending today in a full-day PD session on Nettrekker. If you are a teacher and haven’t heard of Nettrekker, call your district Ed Tech department now and ask them when they will be providing this resource to you and your students. Nettrekker is an Internet search tool for students.  It allows for three […]

  6. The #whyiteach Movement


    Our friends at Planboard, who have generously provided today’s DEN Teacher Appreciation Week gift, have created the #whyiteach movement.  Below the video is a story written by Planboard Co-Founder Suraj Srinivas, explaining the reasons behind this awesome movement. Watch the video, visit the #whyiteach movement website, and contribute your thoughts and ideas. We’d love to […]

  7. DEN Techformation:Mindjet


    Post by Jessica Donaldson Collaborating on large projects can be difficult. Tracking conversations for follow-up, sharing resources, and assigning deadlines are critical components of a collaborative project, but ensuring everyone is communicating and getting consistent information isn’t an easy task…until now. Mindjet [] was created with true collaboration in mind. Whether you are writing curriculum […]

  8. Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 4


    We are going double duty today, the 4th day of DEN Teacher Appreciation Week.  That’s right, we have two opportunities for you on this fourth day of DEN Teacher Appreciation Week.  Keep reading for more information on gifts from two friends of the DEN. ************************************************************************* Gift #1 comes from Tech4Learning.  Thanks to their generosity, every […]

  9. Observing Regional and Global Water Resources – Free PD

    Observing Regional and Global Water Resources Using remote sensing and field data to better understand the hydrologic cycle   A FREE Professional Development Institute for Teachers   Tuesday July 30, 8:30AM – 5:00PM Wednesday, July 31, 8:30AM-5:00PM At the North Carolina Botanical Garden UNC-Chapel Hill In this two day teacher professional development institute participants will […]

  10. Where did you get that wallpaper?


    Warning. Inner-geek shining through in this post.  Members of the DENvice team, namely Selena Ward and I, enjoy a small obsession with finding the perfect wallpaper for our laptops and mobile devices. Now, we don’t spend tons of time staring at our home screens- some days we barely see them at all. However, even a quick glance […]

  11. NC STAR Spotlight

    Meet DOTTIE SMALL   Where do you teach? Garrett Elementary   What do you teach? ELA, 5th Grade   When did you become a DEN member? 2010   What’s your favorite thing about being a DEN member? I like to be invited to free seminars and such for information on new initiatives.   What’s your […]

  12. Sir Ken Robinson – The Archive

    Finding Your Element, a conversation with Sir Ken Robinson took place live Monday evening from his Los Angeles office.  If you missed this talk, the first in the Future@Now Transformation Talk series, the archive is now available.  Simply visit the event page to view it.      

  13. Dembo on DENvice!


    Steve Dembo, Director of Social Media and Online Community for Discovery Education, joins us on DENvice this week to chat about all things Web 2.0. Steve will be discussing different tools and resources throughout the week. Here is Monday’s DENvice post: Alrighty! Let’s get this show on the road! Since I’ve got a book coming out soon […]

  14. North America Live on Discovery Channel & Discovery Education

    If you enjoyed Planet Earth, Life, and Frozen Planet get ready for this new series from the Discovery Channel by engaging your students with a number of opportunities from Discovery Education. Take advantage of the special CD/DVD just for STAR Discovery Educators that includes an episode of North America and several songs from the soundtrack. See Chad’s Teacher […]

  15. Climbing the TrEE Conference

    The 2013 Conference Committee for Environmental Educators of North Carolina has released the Call for Proposals. Climbing the TrEE will be held at the NC Arboretum in Asheville on September 12-15, 2013.       Proposals will be accepted until May 31, 2013.   The committee is seeking proposals that fall into one of five […]