Archives for June 21, 2013

  1. DEN Weekly Update 6-21-2013

    This week’s DEN Weekly Update is full of great information for you! Here are just a few things to make sure you explore: The Discovery Student Network blog Attend DENSI virtually What’s happening at ISTE Click here to learn about these great opportunities and more. Your DEN Team

  2. Updates from the Great White North

    So before I begin updates let me just say I’ve been in Texas for a couple of events and looked up the weather and found this: I asked the audience during my talk if they could explain what 124F feels like. Then I offered my own weather report. I told them I could explain -40 […]

  3. Fun Fact Friday: California Condor

    Condor in flight

    Did you know that in the early 1980s, the California Condor was nearly extinct, with only 22 left in North America? It’s true! The condor is a massive vulture, with wings spanning up to 9.8 feet, making it one of the largest North American birds (along with the Trumpeter Swan). Condors are scavengers and can […]