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  1. Top Tweets from DENSI 2013

    I was scrolling through Twitter to see what others were sharing about the DEN Summer Institute and was amazed at what was being shared. The humor, emotion, and sincerity of the tweets were incredible. I don’t know exactly how many tweets were sent out during #DENSI2013, but there were a ton. I decided to take […]

  2. So many definitions of leadership – here are a few . . .


    Multidimensional Qualities of Leadership, A Sampling Definitions of Leadership Leadership – mobilizing people to tackle tough problems.  ~  Leadership Without Easy Answers, Ronald Heifetz, 1994, page 15 That the job of school leaders is ‘primarily about enhancing the skills of knowledge of people in the organization, creating common culture of expectations around the use of […]

  3. got den?

    The DEN Summer Institute was full of learning and laughs. One of the most enjoyable experiences for me this week was related to the got den? shirts. I had the pleasure of giving away some of the “got den?” shirts to attendees. As many of you know, we had a limited supply, so unfortunately, we […]

  4. DENSI 2013 LIVE! The Archives


    We had many great presentations this week at the DEN Summer Institute and we shared many via our LiveStream channel.  If you’re anxious to learn with us, take a peek at the archives of the sessions, they’re available now.  Please keep in mind that these are unedited and we will be cleaning them up a […]

  5. Top 10 Things I Learned at DENSI

    In many ways we each live in our own isolated world. It is difficult to stay informed and aware of new ideas and tools that could improve our performance and effectiveness in the classroom. My week at DENSI (Discovery Education Summer Institute) 2013 gave me a fantastic opportunity to observe and interact with innovative educators […]

  6. Chad’s Choices from the Community


    Welcome to the second special DENSI themed edition of Chad’s Choices from the Community.  The first DENSI edition can be found here.  It was an exhausting week, but a week completely filled with fun, learning, and collaboration.  If you’ve seen previous posts in this series, you know that it highlights the DEN Community and shares […]

  7. DEN Weekly Update 7-19-2013


    This week’s DEN Weekly Update is full of great information for you! Here are just a few things to make sure you explore: The DENSI Archives STEM Camp Update Build Your PLN Click here to read the Weekly Update and to learn about these great opportunities and more. Your DEN Team

  8. More DEN-piphanies

    Judy Uhrig, DEN Star and LC member from North Carolina, decided to start capturing the DEN-piphanies of some of the DEN STARs here at DEN SI in Vermont. Here are their stories. Take a moment, leave a comment, and share yours!  

  9. DENSI 2013 Daily Recap – Day #4

    Keynote Day #4 of DENSI 2013 started with keynote speaker, Hall Davidson (@halldavidson). Hall spoke to us about the new 3 R’s – Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and QR Codes. Hall started by providing us with some great ideas for student made video projects, using samples from the California Student Media Festival. I think everyone […]

  10. DEN-piphanies

    Judy Uhrig, DEN Star and LC member from North Carolina, decided to start capturing the DEN-piphanies of some of the DEN STARs here at DEN SI in Vermont. Here are their stories. Take a moment, leave a comment, and share yours!

  11. Common Core Summer Academies

    Would you like to integrate the Common Core State Standards into your classsroom, and knowwhat they mean? Discovery Education’s Professional Development team has been on the road this summer to provide you with DE’s Common Core Academies to assist you with this implementation. The Common Core State Standards are intended to provide consistant educational standards […]

  12. DENSI 2013 Daily Recap – Day #3

    Keynote Today kicked off our first day of sessions at DENSI 2013 and I don’t think I’m the only one experiencing serious mind-mush right now! Our day started with a fantastic speaker, Richard Bryne, (@rbyrne) award-winning author of the website His keynote address focused on the idea of jobs and how to prepare our […]

  13. WDEN News Break- Champ

    For years, local Burlingtonians have seen an ominous creature lurking in the waters of Lake Champlain. Our roving reporter, Brandon Wislocki, took to the streets to find out more about the legend of “Champ” The Lake Champlain Monster.

  14. MOOCs the Gateway to Free Online Learning

    MOOC stands for Massive Open Online Course. Now you can attend courses at top universities for free by signing up for a MOOC. Learn about a topic of interest in a variety of subject areas, or take professional development courses. Provide low risk higher education experiences for students by introducing them to MOOC courses. They […]

  15. DENSI 2013 Daily Recap – Day #2

    Today was our fabulous DENSI outing! We started the morning with a trip to the Shelburne Museum, and by museum, they really mean complex! Aside from a number of historic buildings, galleries, and gardens, there was also an actual lighthouse and a full sized ship, the Ticonderoga! We spent the morning touring the grounds and […]

  16. WDEN Station Launch

    For those of you attending DEN SI 2013 from near and far, it’s time to share our first episode of the WDEN News report. Thanks to Judy Uhrig, Brandon Wislocki, Trace Blazoski, Jessi Anderson, and Michael Blair for sharing your talents with us!   Today’s features include Dacia Jones in Oklahoma, the recipient of the […]

  17. Discovery Education’s Summer Apprentice – Eden Gregory

    The following blog post is from Eden Gregory. My name is Eden Gregory and today is the last day of my apprenticeship in the Discovery Education department. This two week opportunity has been amazing, the time passed so quickly! I have nothing but good things to say about Discovery Education. I worked closely with the […]

  18. DENSI 2013 Daily Recap – Day #1

    Kickoff What better way to get to know one another than a BBQ? The answer is, “There is NO better way!” The University of Vermont treated us to a delicious BBQ served al fresco where DENSI attendees new and old mingled, exchanged gifts, and of course, ate! The gift exchange was so much fun – […]

  19. Gaining the Skills, Knowledge and Dispositions of Thinking Together: Essential Educational Goals as We Help Our Students Meet Their Futures


    I believe that getting good at thinking together is an important goal to strive for.   As teachers we need to help our students to develop the skills, dispositions and attitudes helpful to engage in thoughtful, productive conversation. The complexity of the world can lead adults to respond to problems in ways that are almost devoid […]

  20. DEN Reads and Shares

          I’m Still Here: Back Online After a Year Without the Internet by Paul Miller The Verge My Rating:  4, It is very thought-provoking in this time in education where we are trying to find the right blend of technology and traditional. My Favorite Line/Quote:   “There’s a lot of “reality” in the virtual, […]