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Things I Think You Should Read – DENSI Recap Edition

Things I Think You Should Read – DENSI Recap Edition

This edition of Things I Think You Should Read are all related to the DEN Summer Institute. The posts shared below are reflections from DENSI that took place in Vermont last week. To me, there’s a common theme – the people. The DEN is you, the community, and those of us who work on the

3M Loves Teachers!

Click the link below, or the picture above, to visit the website and see all of the information that they have to offer teachers, parents, and students to keep them engaged in the study of science. Study the science of everyday life, visit innovations HQ, or work through a virtual lab on wind energy. There

You’re Not a Newbie Anymore!

DENSI 2013 has come and gone but I can’t let another day go by without reflecting on what an amazing week it was. This was my third DENSI and each one has left me a changed educator, colleague and learner. However what I think was so special   this time was watching all the newbies as

My DEN Summer Institute Reflection…….

So what was DENsi for me? 1400 miles, 150 educators, 10 days, revisiting old friends, making new ones, singing the “Sound of Music” soundtrack at the Von Trapp Family Lodge, 3 cones of Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream, Shelburne Museum, a Lake Monster baseball game, grant-writing sessions, 3-hour cruise on Lake Champlain, visit to Urgent Care, 14

Top Tweets from DENSI 2013

I was scrolling through Twitter to see what others were sharing about the DEN Summer Institute and was amazed at what was being shared. The humor, emotion, and sincerity of the tweets were incredible. I don’t know exactly how many tweets were sent out during #DENSI2013, but there were a ton. I decided to take

So many definitions of leadership – here are a few . . .

Multidimensional Qualities of Leadership, A Sampling Definitions of Leadership Leadership – mobilizing people to tackle tough problems.  ~  Leadership Without Easy Answers, Ronald Heifetz, 1994, page 15 That the job of school leaders is ‘primarily about enhancing the skills of knowledge of people in the organization, creating common culture of expectations around the use of

got den?

The DEN Summer Institute was full of learning and laughs. One of the most enjoyable experiences for me this week was related to the got den? shirts. I had the pleasure of giving away some of the “got den?” shirts to attendees. As many of you know, we had a limited supply, so unfortunately, we

DENSI 2013 LIVE! The Archives

We had many great presentations this week at the DEN Summer Institute and we shared many via our LiveStream channel.  If you’re anxious to learn with us, take a peek at the archives of the sessions, they’re available now.  Please keep in mind that these are unedited and we will be cleaning them up a