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DENvisory Board Elections

The mission of the DENvisory Board is to continue to make the DEN membership experiences meaningful and engaging for all participants, help the DEN (members) stay active and grow, provide a venue to showcase and share talents of our members, and provide a continued sense of community through active, positive, and professional leadership. The DENvisory


15 Days Left of My Summer: Voicethread

Here is a simple way for getting pairs or small groups of students to work together, VoiceThread! If you have not seen this product or website, it is time for a visit to voicethread.com. The point of VoiceThread is to create an interactive collaborative project. Let’s say a pair of students collect 5 images about


Mousey Monday – Nature Works Everywhere

                        Happy Mousey Monday to our Cache and Cookies readers from the Discovery Education team! Mousey wants to share another free resource this week! Nature Works Everywhere is a free resource that gives teachers, students and families everything  they need to begin exploring and