Replacement for Xtranormal!

Many of you may have realized, to your chagrin, that the Xtranormal site has been shut down as of July 31st. I searched for alternatives and found Digital Films . I have only been playing around with it for a few hours, but have not noticed a feature that allows characters to speak typed text like Xtranormal had. However, it is very similar to GoAnimate, and is FREE! I am toying with the idea of screen capturing my movie, and importing it into iMovie and adding my own narration. Another site is Wideo. I wish anyone that was planning to use Xtranormal this year luck. I will also be using Voki to present my class and lab rules.

Here is a sample movie I made with Digital Films:



  1. Conni Mulligan

    Wow, thanks for the update and for providing an alternative. Great find!!

    • Bryan Powe

      thank you

  2. Pastor Bob

    Do you know of any website with text to speech that is close to Xtranormal? Or even any software that is close to it that I could buy?

        • EKG

          How much is said license? The website doesn’t have any price listed. That makes me nervous.

  3. Pastor Bob

    Why wouldn’t they sell the web site instead of just shutting it down?

  4. Stephanie

    Hi! This is Stephanie from GoAnimate.

    GoAnimate for Schools is a good alternative to Xtranormal. It has text-to-speech functionality in over 20 different languages and is very easy to use. GoAnimate for Schools has privacy, security, group management, and content moderation features built in for classroom use by teachers and students.

    In addition, if you’re a former Xtranormal subscriber, we are offering a 20% discount to new GoAnimate for Schools customers. To get yours, follow these easy steps to get started:

    1. Locate your Xtranormal email confirmation.

    2. Forward that confirmation from your account address to

    3. Once we verify your Xtranormal account ownership, we can offer you the 20% discount for a year subscription to GoAnimate for Schools.

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions. Thanks!

  5. kitty barber

    Is there any way to access some of the old animations?

    • josh


    • EKG

      If you mean the ones that you’ve created, no. Unless you created them with the desktop edition. In which case you can use statePlus to access it. I haven’t used statePlus though, looks way more complicated than the Xtranormal interface.

    • Ricardo Cornejo

      That looks super cool!
      I´ll have a look into it asap!

  6. Carlos

    I use and I think much better than GoAnimate. It is much easier and intutive. And it’s also free.

    • Autumn

      Thank you for this comment – I was searching for a long time for something like this!

  7. Max

    In the same boat. We are studying patterns of conflict in a language arts class, and Xtranormal gave us a great way to create fun digital narratives. It was flexible enough to be fun, but still easy to use.

    1) Wideo does not appear to have text-to-speech or character animation tools (I could be wrong but I didn’t see any evidence of character scripting in the sample movies.)

    2) Plotagon gives pseudo-realistic characters that look like those in a 3d-shooter video game. As far as I can tell from the site, there are only TWO characters available. If these two characters and 3-d modeling are what you want, plotagon might be a good choice. But “higher quality?” According to whom and for what purpose? South Park is low-tech but the animation style is amazing for the concept of the show.

    As it’s only in beta, the animation style and lack of character options would be an enormous limitation on my students.

    3) goanimate appears to have the same features that made xtranormal great for classes: text-to-speech, character scripting, a decently large choice of character avatars, settings and props. I can’t say anything about the interface because the demo is really limited (no saves!). And, it costs money.

  8. GS

    You can just keep on animating with XN characters over here.

  9. Paul Silcocks

    Just looked at Digital films and Wideo – definitley inferior to GoAnimate, and not speaking typed text is a big failure. Still looking.

  10. Thomas

    Even tho xtranormal is gone, even the static website is down.

    That said there is still hope. visit

    Register for a forum account and it will all become clear!

  11. Klas Holmlund

    @Max, Plotagon has a free trial download which has two characters and two scenes so you can try the software out. The full version, which is 5 dollars, has 6 scenes and five actors.

    And that’s to begin with. Plotagon is going to release expansion packs, the first one is Alice in Wonderland which gives you six characters and five more scenes. More packs are coming soon.

  12. Victor

    Got any apps that do NOT use Flash or YouTube? Like something for the iPad?

    I like what I see at GoAnimate, but it uses Flash, as does

    The GoAnimate for Schools seems very sensitive to limitations to schools (limited language and props, teacher-controlled sharability), PLUS as a French teacher, the characters can speak French!

    I didn’t get far enough on Wideo to see what it does because it requires Flash.

    Plotagon requires a download to a desktop.

    I’m looking for something my students might be able to use on the iOS devices.

    • Max

      @Victor: Tellagami works well for the iPad. I believe it is still free.

  13. Annie Mator

    If you are looking for a 3d application like Xtranormal, and their State product, then check out Moviestorm ( – they invented the genre. They are a 3d animation tool aimed firmly at allowing anyone to simply make 3d animated films. No art, technical or filmmaking skills are required, and it uses machinima (3d game) technology which is a firm favorite with our ‘Digital Native’ YouTube generation.
    There is a free trial, free cross-curricular and film & media lesson plans, and other free resources, and very flexible pricing, depending on what you need.
    The PC/Mac software has text-to-speech functionality, and they also have a basic iPad app. All really simple and fun to use.

    • playnet

      Reading these posts here gave me the chance to check briefly those mentioned alternatives to the gone xtranormal.

      I would like to notify that there is another 3D animation tool iClone (a tool to install on your computer).

      It has advanced features and extensions in comparison to e.g. Moviestorm etc.
      The learning curve is not taking long to allow to make an animation movie – to buy or trial version.
      There are a lot of supporting things like video clips tutorials and overall it is easy and makes fun to use it.

      In new release you can even pupetier your characters by Kinect Cam (via an plug-in software to installed iClone5 Pro).

      And there is a contents store to get additional stuff (characters, clothes, props, animations, FX etc.)

  14. Susan Stephenson

    Just wondering what happened to my Xtranormal vids, and found this post. Yesterday I discovered Muvizu, animation software that looks amazing.

    (For iPad, Tellagami is a limited but very simple way to present via an avatar.)

  15. Jason

    I checked out overall video creation sites. but sorry to say that, No any alternative out there that come closer to XtraNormal in features. It was very easy, simple design and with outclass handy features.

    Maybe, I’m missing through googling. Lemme know if you found one of the best alternative with atleast 90% of features that was in XN.

  16. Dawn

    Thanks for the tip. I am currently using and they got great service and all the features as Xtranormal had.

  17. Hilary

    It’s a pity DigitalFilms only lets you create a female characters who wear crop tops. Especially in January!

  18. andra lai

    never use goanimate and please dont people

  19. ronald

    Thanks Monique that was cute !

  20. apple ibeacon

    I checked out overall movie creation internet sites. nevertheless sorry to say that, Simply no what other apple ibeacon around that come closer to extra Normal with features. It turned out easy, easy style and with outclass handy features.

  21. mike ehlers

    Is there anyway to access a video I made a few years ago? did one after a ski trip that was hilarious – please don’t tell me its gonzo…

    • GS

      If people who used text-to-movie didn’t use the download feature or publish to Youtube, your work is gone forever. Even if Xtranormal comes back under new owners, the old videos can’t.

      • Dennis

        What is a gonzo?

  22. Dennis

    Rock on, dude!

  23. tangledbliss

    I cant believe no one has mentioned muvizu.
    basic version is free with an enhanced watermark-free paid for version for more serious users.

  24. Deb was recently acquired by nawmal, ltd.
    We at nawmal are working hard to get you back making movies, and will be changing some of the things that many movie-makers using xtranormal found frustrating:
    No more losing the movie maker

    No more losing the characters that some of you had bought

    No more losing the movies that you had made.

    • pete

      What about the money I spent on characters and scenery, will I get those back when you introduce your new version? I felt kinda cheated when I went to use some of my credits one day and the site was gone…

    • Gabe

      Then why isn’t the video maker back on? Right now the site is just total crap. It’s pointless to even have up! Either take it down or put the video maker on! Nawmal is total crap right now! Fix it!

  25. Nadja von Massow

    1 year in and the site is still down / new site not up and not update about an eta. What a stupid strategy. I hope the competition is catching up soon.

  26. rryan22

    So, It’s Xtranormal Is Launched At 1st October 2014. It Placeholder Has A New Site At 1st October 2014. It Will Be Xtranormal Website Will Be Startup At 1st October 2014

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