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Try Discovery Education Streaming Plus Today!

Try Discovery Education Streaming Plus Today!

Begin Your Free 60-day Trial of Discovery Education Streaming Plus Today! Inspiring students is hard work. That’s why the new Discovery Education’s Streaming Plus supports educators with thousands of hours of multimedia content that excites and engages students, while simultaneously providing educators with instructional support to effectively implement the Common Core State Standards. Redesigned with

DEN Reads and Shares

Thanks so much to all of you who have taken the time to share your favorite professional reads over the past months. I know there are lots of DEN Stars and other educators who have benefited so much from your spirit of sharing. As we have highlighted each of the titles, I wanted to share

International Dot Day

I spent part of yesterday working in my classroom, and one of the first things that I needed to do was prepare this…   It is just an empty space right now, but it is ready – and so am I! We are ready for International Dot Day! I have to admit that this is

Engagement Discovery Style

This year I had to miss the Discovery Summer Institute and it reinforced to me why Discovery Education, The DEN and DEN Events are so important to great teaching. All of these activities promote engagement and engagement makes learning fun, memorable and sustainable. Discovery Summer Institute engages teachers from all over the world. Each person