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MLK March on Washington Event Tomorrow: Reminder

MLK March on Washington Event Tomorrow: Reminder

This is a quick reminder to tune-in tomorrow at 9:00am for a one-of-a-kind Virtual Field Trip to celebrate Martin Luther King’s legacy and to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. King’s historic march on Washington. This event is intended for high school classrooms. “50 Years of Struggle:  Youth Driving Economics, Education, and Social Change” will

Virtual Field Trips

Here are some virtual field trips that are worth exploring: Polar Husky Programming: Free to the entire K-12 community, explore Arctic dogsled expeditions and Arctic research as the vehicle through which K-12 teachers and students gain an understanding of natural and social sciences while experiencing the cultures of the Arctic. Global Trek: Created by Scholastic, students can

Design Thinking: Where our thinking starts will effect where our thinking goes

There is a big difference between the probe “What’s wrong?” and the probe “What works?” Below you will find a graphic based on the thinking of a successful architect.  Peter Saurcerman,  an architect for 35 years in Northern California.  He believes that groups thinking together in response to the “What works?” probe will be more

Mousey Monday – Discovery Education Streaming Plus Trial

                        Happy Mousey Monday readers!! Mousey wanted to share with our educators the 60 day trial offer we have for Discovery Education Streaming Plus: Discovery Education Streaming Plus now offers instructional support for educators to implement the Common Core Standards! The trial is

DEN Reads Goes Fishing!

For all of you who have been waiting for the big announcement from DEN Reads, here it is! We are going live with a DEN Book Club event with an excellent professional read with far reaching applications, from the home to the classroom to the school building to the district level. Fish! A Remarkable Way

A Sense of Wonder

Come out to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences for a free screening of “A Sense of Wonder” plus Q&A with Kaiulani Lee   Thursday, August 29th, 7pm Daily Planet Theater, NRC   When pioneering environmentalist Rachel Carson published “Silent Spring” in 1962, the backlash from her critics thrust her into the center of a