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Polar Bears International

Project Polar Bear

Project Polar Bear

Project Polar Bear – Save the Date! Polar Bears International presents the 2013  Project Polar Bear Contest!   Ice Ice Savers Team Bright young minds outsmart CO2 2012 Project Polar Bear Winners What is Project Polar Bear? Project Polar Bear is a way for small teams of young people, groups, and classrooms to collectively make

Did you know…

Did you know…Kangaroos can’t hop backwards? Because of their exceptionally muscular tail and huge feet, it is extremely difficult for them to move backwards at all. Their tail is so big and strong, it is used almost like a fifth limb when fighting. They will balance on their tail and use both enormous feet to

Rita’s Got the 4-1-1… Do You?!?

A note from DEN Guru Rita Mortenson: Welcome Back to Another Great Year with Discovery Education and the DEN! With the start of each new school year, there are so many goals I have and projects that I want to share, not only with my students but with my DEN Community.  I have enjoyed staying