Engaging teachers and principals in regular and frequent meetings demands that time become worthwhile.   We suggest the following steps to change how time is spent and to keep the focus on learning with school staff members:

1.   Have regularly scheduled and facilitated PLC meetings, with the staff setting agendas    and understanding the purpose of PLCs.

2.    Prepare staff to become skillful data users.

3.    Build trust among group members.

4.    Expand staff’s conversation structures and skills.

5.    Start conversations in pairs or trios when introducing participants to interdependent thinking.

6.    At the end of the meeting, take time to reflect on the learning, decisions made, and skills developed by PLC members

Creating Interdependent Thinking Among School Staff by William A. Sommers & Shirley M. Hord in The Power of the Social Brain: Teaching, Learning and Interdependent Thinking by Arthur L. Costa and Pat Wilson O’Leary, 2013, Teacher’s College Press, page 73


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