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Klikaklu Treasure Hunts

Klikaklu Treasure Hunts

Treasure hunts are a fun way for students to use problem solving skills, to work in teams, to practice comprehensions skills, and to use technology resources all while practicing subject matter.  For “Talk Like A Pirate Day” (September 19th), I arranged a fun math treasure hunt for the second grade classes.  It was a perfect

DEN Reads for Connected Educator Month

Join the DEN and the larger educational community as we connect with each other to read and discuss a great book during Connected Educator Month.  We will start on October 23rd and will share several activities and a suggested timeline that will allow educators to connect and discuss the book.  Much of the discussion will

Featured Board Builder Board

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing a “Featured Board” created with Discovery Education’s Board Builder.  The boards will cover a variety of content areas and will be created by a variety of educators.  The boards will help give you ideas on how to incorporate Board Builder into your lessons and help your students

DENChat tonight!

Don’t forget, our Thursday Twitter Meetup–#DENChat will be tonight (8 pm EST). I’ll be hosting the topic, which will be all about how to create Mash-Ups using Discovery Education content. See you then!

Chad’s Choices from the Community

Did ye be knowin’ ’tis speak ike a scurvy pirate day? What be ye goin’ to be sharin’ wit’ ye fellow teachers this day?  (Special thanks to the Pirate to English Translator) Hopefully, it’s something you’ve discovered on this DENtastic blog series.  Take a look below at great people and content from the DEN Community.