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  1. Mousey Monday – Checkers Speech


                            Happy Mousey Monday to our Cache and Cookies readers!! On this Day in 1952 was the deliverance of Vice Presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon’s infamous Checkers Speech. Senator Nixon was accused of secretly accepting money from wealthy donors. The speech took an offensive […]

  2. Apply to Present at NC TIES

    The North Carolina Technology in Education Society holds a conference each spring where teachers and leaders across North Carolina, and the nation, meet to share ideas and inspiration for ways to increase student engagement and achievement through the use of technology. This conference is my favorite of the year because it highlights teachers who are […]

  3. Verona Area Schools in Verona, WI joined in the fun on International Dot Day!

    Dot Day_Page_02

    International Dot Day, a day where the world is encouraged to celebrate creativity, courage and collaboration was celebrated this year on Sunday, September 15. This incredible day encourages students to “make their mark” in the world. In Verona, WI students got a jump start and celebrated a bit early. On Thursday, September 12, the Verona […]

  4. DEN Weekly Update 9-20-2013


    This week’s DEN Weekly Update is full of great information for you! Here are just a few things to make sure you explore: Exclusive Promotions for DEN STARs DEN Fall VirtCon DEN Connects A Virtual Field Trip 1 Community, 5 Voices Connected Educator Month Click here to read about these great opportunities and more. Your […]

  5. Fun Fact Friday: George Washington


    George Washington is often called the father of our country, and is a figure of fascination for many people, but there are many facts about him that are not necessarily common knowledge. For example, one of his hobbies was breeding hound dogs. Here are some other interesting facts about the nation’s first president: While he […]

  6. Klikaklu Treasure Hunts


    Treasure hunts are a fun way for students to use problem solving skills, to work in teams, to practice comprehensions skills, and to use technology resources all while practicing subject matter.  For “Talk Like A Pirate Day” (September 19th), I arranged a fun math treasure hunt for the second grade classes.  It was a perfect […]

  7. DEN Reads for Connected Educator Month


    Join the DEN and the larger educational community as we connect with each other to read and discuss a great book during Connected Educator Month.  We will start on October 23rd and will share several activities and a suggested timeline that will allow educators to connect and discuss the book.  Much of the discussion will […]

  8. Featured Board Builder Board

    In the coming weeks, we will be sharing a “Featured Board” created with Discovery Education’s Board Builder.  The boards will cover a variety of content areas and will be created by a variety of educators.  The boards will help give you ideas on how to incorporate Board Builder into your lessons and help your students […]

  9. DENChat tonight!

    Don’t forget, our Thursday Twitter Meetup–#DENChat will be tonight (8 pm EST). I’ll be hosting the topic, which will be all about how to create Mash-Ups using Discovery Education content. See you then!

  10. Chad’s Choices from the Community


    Did ye be knowin’ ’tis speak ike a scurvy pirate day? What be ye goin’ to be sharin’ wit’ ye fellow teachers this day?  (Special thanks to the Pirate to English Translator) Hopefully, it’s something you’ve discovered on this DENtastic blog series.  Take a look below at great people and content from the DEN Community. […]

  11. On this date…

    New York Times First Edition

    On this date… The New York Times, nicknamed The Gray Lady, was first published on September 18th, 1851. The paper, whose motto is “All the News That’s Fit to Print”, was co-founded by journalist Henry Jarvis Raymond and banker George Jones. The first issue was sold for just one penny. The paper is structured in […]

  12. A few of our favorite (Discovery) things: Pt. 2

    Welcome to the second article in a series written by the Discovery Educator Network’s Blog and Social Media Team! In this series, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Discovery Series and how we’re using them in classrooms. As an avid fan of Discovery Education content, I frequently browse for resources as a hobby. I […]

  13. DEN Reads Goes Fishing

    It’s not too late to go Fishing with DEN Reads! We have taken the last month to give everyone the opportunity to put their hands on copies of the book Fish! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results and start reading. Starting next week, we are going to start a more synchronous and organized […]

  14. SOS: On This Day

    Welcome to  Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our S.O.S series  provides help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. On This Day PDF Version Background Teachers use many different strategies to engage students as soon as they enter the classroom. A bell ringer is a short activity that can be completed while you […]



    Engaging teachers and principals in regular and frequent meetings demands that time become worthwhile.   We suggest the following steps to change how time is spent and to keep the focus on learning with school staff members: 1.   Have regularly scheduled and facilitated PLC meetings, with the staff setting agendas    and understanding the purpose of […]

  16. Hey High School Teachers…

    I’m going to be presenting to High School Teachers on using Discovery Education. I’m just looking for a quick response from you as to your favorite uses of Discovery Education. If you could share what you teach and how you use DE, I’ll be sure to share and give you credit. Also please RT this […]

  17. STEM students can make a difference…introducing “The Air Force Collaboratory”

    If you have a classroom of high school students who are curious, innovative and thrive in a collaborative environment – check out this new online platform created by the U.S. Air Force. The Air Force Collaboratory.  The website,, was developed to encourage STEM-inclined students and mentors to engage and work with the Air Force to […]

  18. Mousey Monday – Global Wrap


                            Happy Mousey Monday to our Cache and Cookies readers!! Mousey wanted to bring to your attention Discovery Education’s weekly series Global Wrap. Global Wrap is a weekly roundup of the major news reports occurring throughout the world. The series provides an engaging overview […]

  19. Science Under the Stars

    The 9th Annual Science Under the Stars Tuesday, September 24, 2013 6:00 – 8:00 PM French Family Science Center Duke University Appropriate For All Ages! Hands-on Science Interactive Stations 6:00 – 7:30 Chemistry Demonstration Extravaganza 7:30 – 8:00 Free Admission Free Parking in the Chemistry Lot

  20. DEN Weekly Update 9-13-2013


    This week’s DEN Weekly Update is full of great information for you! Here are just a few things to make sure you explore: Exclusive Promotions for DEN STARs DEN Fall VirtCon DEN Connects Back to School Webinar Series 1 Community, 5 Voices Click here to read the DEN Weekly Update and to learn about these […]

  21. Chad’s Choices from the Community


    I hope you’re still enjoying this DENmazing blog series and have made some new discoveries and new connections because of it.  Take a look below at great people and content from the DEN Community.  If you’re not familiar with Chad’s Choices from the Community, it is designed to highlight the DEN Community in a variety of ways. […]