Archives for October 14, 2013

  1. Digital Passport by Common Sense Media

    Designed for students in grades 3-5, Digital Passport consists of free web-based games and videos to engage students in learning about how to use the internet.  There are five modules that students can complete to earn badges toward a Digital Passport.  Teachers create student accounts and can receive reports on student’s progress and success.  The […]

  2. Hangout With the DEN


    We have two fun Google Hangouts scheduled this week and we hope you join us. The first is on Tuesday and will focus on how educators use Google Hangouts to connect. DEN Guru and Google Certified Teacher Rita Mortenson and DEN Community Manager Chad Lehman will be leading the discussion, but they will need plenty […]

  3. “You as a leader” . . . Questions to ask yourself . . .


    This is not a complete list. Hopefully it has questions that will get you thinking about your current or future potential leadership service.   What are your dispositions as a leader? Do you see yourself as someone who can think interdependently? Do you see a need for and/or a value in – intentionally growing and […]

  4. SOS: Tweet, Tweet!

    Welcome to  Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our S.O.S series  provides help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. Tweet, Tweet! PDF Version  Background Many educators use Twitter to as a way to build their Professional Learning Network (PLN) and share what they are doing in the classroom. Twitter is a social media […]

  5. Be A Good Egg Contest – $5000 for your school

    Join Discovery Education and the American Egg Board in celebrating the journey food makes from the farm to your table, and enter to win a ” Be a Good Egg Contest” $5,000 educational grant for your school and an egg donation to a local food bank in your school’s name. Just launched for the 2013-2014 school year, the “Be a Good […]

  6. Mousey Monday – A Virtual Field Trip from the Museum of Science


                        Mousey is tuning in LIVE on Thursday October 17, 2013, at 1:00pm ET to join us from the Museum of Science in Boston, one of our nation’s premier informal learning institutions. Register here: This event will explore the natural and human-made world through […]