Why Join the Den?

DEN: The Discovery Education Network!

The DEN is a community of educators who share. Nope- that is too general…..it is a family of dedicated, passionate believers in the well-being of students, who become part of your life and stay there. Over the past two years, I have been blessed beyond measure with these friends called DEN STARS. Tonight I decided that I had to pledge my love to them all again.

There are many educational communities and forums that you can join but none that compare to the DEN. I have a 24/7 hotline to the smartest people that I know. When I need a SKYPE date- they are there! When I need a shoulder to cry on- they are there! When I need a quick app or technical fix- they are there. When I want to share a school victory or a family tragedy- they are there. In the past few months I have watched as DEN family members have put their arms around one who has lost a family member; cried with one who experienced a tragedy in their school community; counseled one going through a divorce; rally around the PurpleFeet Foundation; and the list goes on and on.

Every day, I mean EVERY DAY, I receive a text, Facebook message, email, or Tweet from someone in the DEN. This summer I met and was re-introduced to the sweetest girls I will ever meet. We planned a pre-conference of our own before DENSI and met at the Von Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe, Vermont. From the moment we laid eyes on each other- we bonded. We have a weekly texting-fest and catch up on each others lives. Next Tuesday- we will hold our 1st Reunion Hangout.

In October, I travelled out west to speak at a math conference. When my DEN buddies found out, they were eager to give travel advice, well-wishes, and even one (Brandon) tracked me down at Disney to take his one-second video with me. That is real DEN love. I realize that this blog is rambling but I just had to share my thoughts tonight. I get so giddy when I think of my friends and the memories we share. I can’t wait to continue the journey.

Why join the DEN? Because, hands-down, it is the best investment in people that you will ever make. Do it NOW! You will not regret it.


  1. Porter Palmer

    Thanks for sharing, Dacia. You are what makes the DEN so great.

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