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DEN Fall VirtCon Recap-EdTech in Special Ed

  Education technology can be very effectively leveraged to provide functional and engaging learning opportunities to students with disabilities, as Sam Blanco demonstrated in her VirtCon session “EdTech in Special Ed”.  iPads are an especially motivating tool to use with students who have diverse learning needs.  And there is so much untapped potential for students

Featured Board: School Clubs and Programs

Do you have a variety of clubs and programs for the students in your school?  How do you share the information with others?  Did you ever think about using Discovery Education Board Builder to highlight the information?  This week’s Featured Board does exactly that.  In this screenshot, you can see a variety of DEN programs,

STARs in the News: Lindsay Morhart

Lindsay Morhart, a DEN Leadership Council member from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, is the latest DEN STAR in the news!  Lindsay’s grade three students, known as Morhart’s Minions, have been sharing their learning on their blogs and the local newspaper recently came into her classroom to see the great work her students were doing.  Lindsay recently

DEN Weekly Update 12-20-2013

This week’s DEN Weekly Update is full of great information for you! Here are just a few things to make sure you explore: Holiday cards featuring the DEN Team Leadership @ Now Techbook Live! Building Your PLN Click here to read the DEN Weekly Update and learn about these great opportunities and more.   Your DEN

Learning is a consequence of thinking. —David Perkins, Smart Schools

Professional learning communities are more myth than reality if teachers operate independently and in isolation from each other (Hord, 1997). Working productively in such groups requires the ability to justify ideas and to test the feasibility of solutions on others. It also requires the openness and willing spirits of individuals to accept feedback from their