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  1. On this day…

    Ratification of 13th amendment

        On December 18, 1865, the ratification of the 13th Amendment was verified, formally abolishing slavery in the United States. The 13th Amendment declared that, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject […]

  2. NCSLA Science Leadership Fellows

    NC Science Educators, Take advantage of this exciting leadership professional development opportunity! Apply to be a NCSLA Science Leadership Fellow The  NCSLA Science Leadership Fellows Program will enhance you professional competence and develop the leadership  abilities necessary for you and other science leaders to operate  effectively in various leadership positions in science education.  This  two year […]

  3. NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores

    Here is an upcoming opportunity at the NC Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores the evening of February 20, 2014. ***************************************************** The Scientific Research and Education Network (SciREN) event is an annual workshop that aims to connect local marine and environmental scientists with K-12 teachers from across North Carolina. This networking event allows teachers to obtain […]

  4. Mousey Monday – Toyota Teen Driver School Sweeps


                      Happy Mousey Monday to our Cache and Cookies readers! Discovery Education and Toyota are currently running the Toyota Teen Driver School Sweeps! According to the National Safety Council, the first year a teen gets their license will be one of the most dangerous years of their […]

  5. My Favorite Things: Animated Hero Classics

    The Animated Hero Classics series on Discovery Streaming is a great way to teach biography in context. These engaging biographies of historically significant people are excellent for students in grades three and up, as they tackle more complex details of the individuals’ lives. Here are a few tips…   1. Find the whole series by […]

  6. DEN Weekly Update 12-13-2013


    This week’s DEN Weekly Update is full of great information for you! Here are just a few things to make sure you explore: The White House Virtual Field Trip December Community Calendar Hangout with Kathy Schrock Student Board Builder Challenge Click here to read the DEN Weekly Update to learn about these great opportunities and […]

  7. Connected Learning


    I am a teacher.  I believe that all students can learn.  I also believe that ‘for all students to learn’ we adults have some important thinking to do together. In an attempt to stimulate serious thinking around this the topic of Connected Thinking I pose these questions: Is the role of schooling to deliver content […]

  8. Chad’s Choices from the Community


    Only one more Chad’s Choices from the Community post is coming this year! Keep reading to learn about the DEN Community. You’ll find a few blog posts and resources that were shared by a DEN member on Twitter. Keep in mind, while others may have also shared the same post/article, I saw it posted by […]

  9. If You Need a Laugh

    Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 3.18.46 PM

    We all need a good laugh once in a while and there’s a hashtag that’s been floating around that’s showing the creativity and sense of humor of educators from all over.  #FiveWordEdTechHorrors is a must read.  I noticed this hashtag yesterday and wanted to bring it to your attention of you haven’t seen it yet. […]

  10. Of the People: LIVE from the White House!


    Register Today for Of the People: Live from the White House December 16 at 1PM ET Join Discovery Education as we launch Of the People: Live from the White House, a virtual field trip series broadcast directly from the White House. Transport students to Washington, D.C. for a behind-the-scenes look at the people, places, and […]

  11. 2014 DEN PreCon at PETE & C

    Join the Discovery Educator Network (DEN) team for a full-day pre-conference extravaganza: Discover (or rediscover) the Joy of Teaching and Learning.  This year teachers and administrators will have the opportunity to connect with and learn from each other, as well as our fantastic lineup of presenters, around relevant topics that include Common Core, STEM, assessment, […]

  12. Attention Austin Area Educators!

    Attention educators in the Austin, TX area! Discovery Education will be hosting an exclusive event on Monday, December 16th from 6:15-7:45 pm at the Bob Bullock Museum in Austin and we would love for you and your team to join! This event will provide an exclusive opportunity for Texas educators, administrators, community members and students to […]

  13. On this day…

    aurora borealis

    On this day… The first recorded sighting of the aurora borealis took place in New England on December 11, 1719. While the aurora borealis had been observed much, much earlier than 1719 by the native peoples in Canada and Alaska, it was a new and unexplained phenomenon for the English settlers in New England. The […]

  14. Share Some KinDENess in December


            Celebrate and share the special ways you, your students, your schools, your community, and your colleagues help others- it is called #kinDENess! The great thing about being part of the DEN is that I am surrounded by hard-working, selfless, smart people!  The ways that this community of educators share ideas and […]

  15. Student Board Builder Challenge

    Have your students participate in Discovery Education’s new Board Builder Challenge: Holidays around the World. The challenge is open to students in all grades. The prize-winning board will be selected based on the most interesting content and the best use of the features of Board Builder. The prizes are a New Year’s Gift for the […]

  16. SOS: Four Corners

    Welcome to  Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our S.O.S series provides help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum.   Four Corners PDF Version Background The four corners teaching strategy is a cooperative teaching and learning strategy that empowers students to take part in group activities. It is a helpful strategy to use […]

  17. Mousey Monday – White Elephant


                      Happy Mousey Monday to our Cache and Cookies readers! Our Discovery Education team has an upcoming White Elephant Holiday Party this Friday, December 14. The White Elephant Holiday Party is primarily known in North America. The purpose of the party is to entertain rather than to […]

  18. DEN Fall VirtCon Recap – I Just Fell in Love with Techbook and You Should Too! Here’s Why

    Rafranz Davis is an IT specialist for a Dallas/Fort Worth area school district. This presentation was her first at a VirtCon and she did amazing! Rafranz has an amazing personality, is candid, and showed a lot of passion for her new found love, the Science Techbook. You can watch her presentation here, and view the […]

  19. Hour of Code


    As educators, we strive to help our students understand the world around them. This week, during Computer Science Education Week, is sponsoring an Hour of Code where students will gain a basic understanding of the underlying software that drives our modern world.  Through STEM education, the development of critical thinking skills and hands-on programs […]

  20. Mike Rowe


    Whether it be ingrained from teaching or motherly instinct, I often feel the need to say, “I’m proud of you!” to strangers when I learn of their good deeds or words. Mike Rowe is my latest recipient. It is both a tragedy and a blessing that his TED talk was emailed to me recently. The […]