Archives for January 8, 2014

  1. NASA Educator Treks in NC

    There are still spaces in all three NASA Educator Treks at the Museum! Join us for a day of engaging activities and take away materials and ideas to use in the classroom. To register, please fill out and mail registration form and deposit. The registration form is online at: NASA Educator Trek: Exploring Atmospheres […]

  2. Sustaining Digital Literacy

    Cross posted on Ideas and Thoughts I’m excited to be teaching a course in a few weeks for Wilkes University called “Sustaining Digital Literacy” as part of the new EDGE offering. Essentially this is a great way to quickly get yourself up to speed with emerging technologies. The course I’m offering focuses on a few […]

  3. THE COMPETITION IS ON: 2014 3M Young Scientist Challenge

    Have you heard of the 3M Young Scientist Challenge?  Did you see the final competition in October?  Take a look at this  video to get an idea of the excitement and passion students bring to this incredible competition, then learn more by following the steps below. Check out the newly redesigned 3M YSC website: […]

  4. On this day…

    Elvis Presley

    On this day… Elvis Presley, an American singer, musician, and actor, was born on January 8, 1935. He is often referred to as “the King of Rock and Roll” or simply, “the King”. While Elvis Presley didn’t invent Rock and Roll, he was the music style’s biggest star and did arguably more to popularize the […]