Archives for February 5, 2014

  1. Digital Learning Day Challenge

    Throughout the day, we’ve shared a few challenges for DEN Community members via Facebook and Twitter.  We have another challenge and it’s going to take more than 140 characters to share the details. We love to see the smiling faces of our community, but don’t often get enough time to be where you are. Therefore, […]

  2. Featured Board: Stop Cyberbullying


    Pennsylvania DEN STAR Jan Abernethy and her students are working on a big project and are looking for other students around the country to join in.  The main topic of the project is cyberbullying and the students are working on ways to stop it. The more students involved, the better the project. To share information […]

  3. SOS: Reminds Me Of

    Welcome to  Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our S.O.S series provides help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. Reminds Me Of… PDF Version Background Students reflect and make connections. According to schema theory, our previous experiences, knowledge, understandings and emotions can affect what and how we learn (Harvey & Goudvis, 2000). The […]

  4. On this day… Apollo 14

    On this day… Apollo 14, the eighth manned mission in the United States Apollo program, and the third mission to land on the moon, touched down on February 5, 1971. It was the third and final of the H – missions, landings with up to two day stays on the moon, including two moonwalks (no, […]

  5. A Day in the Life of a Discovery Educator


    Digital Learning Day is here and one of the things we love to do is showcase the DEN Community. We asked Discovery Educator Network members to send us video clips of their daily routine. We often hear educators wonder how some of our STARs fit everything in. Well, this is a peak into the life […]