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If You Give a DEN Guru (Nancy Sharoff) an iPad…

If You Give a DEN Guru (Nancy Sharoff) an iPad…

Once upon a time, many, many moons ago on a couch in a hotel lobby outside of Boston during a gathering of the Second Life Leadership Council a wise man (Steve Dembo) shared his latest gadget with me. “Behold”, Steve said as he reverently handed over the iPad to me. “Touch and be prepared to

Chad’s Choices from the Community

College basketball is over, the weather’s starting to get nice, baseball is in full swing, and it’s Tuesday. Only one of those things has to do with this blog post and I hope you realize that Tuesday means another edition of Chad’s Choices from the Community. Take some time to explore more articles and people

Take Your Students to an Egg Farm

We have another exciting virtual field trip for your students. Join egg farmer Ben Thompson and his family LIVE from Pearl Valley Farms as they show us how eggs make their way from the farm to your table. We’ll highlight the process Ben and his family takes to reduce their environmental footprint and answer your questions