iMake iLearn: Sphero Me Some Fun and Learning

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This week our three 2.0 Spheros arrived.  What is a Sphero you say?  It is a programmable ball and so much more.  After looking at many different options to introduce robotics and coding into our SP Design Lab, I learned about the Sphero.

Several great posts have already been done by Erin Klein and the Nerdy Teacher which made me realize that the Sphero was exactly what I wanted to bridge robotics and coding for all of our students.  Many products that I looked at were not going to successfully span our age range of kindergarten through fifth grade.

A valued colleague Corey Hansen shared with me during Robotics Week that the new Sphero was $99.  Regularly priced at $129, I purchased three for our Design Lab during the promotion.

During our after-school program iConnect and during SP Design Lab on Friday, our students explored the possibilities.  Our next step is to move them into classrooms to connect with math concepts.  We will be using the resources on Sphero for Education.

I am already actively looking for ways to find funding for more of these wonderful Sphero balls of possibility.


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