Daily Archives: May 29, 2014

Don’t Be Sorry

Don’t Be Sorry

“I’m sorry”. That’s what more than one teacher said today as I did a walk through at Caulfeild Elementary School in West Vancouver. Caulfeild is a wonderful school where principal Brad Lund and team have been working to transform this school into an inquiry focused environment built around strong digital access. What’s interesting is that

Spotlight on Strategies

I’ve been fortunate to attend several events lately where the spotlight has shined on our Spotlight on Strategy series. We’ve held 5 DENapalooza events this spring and at each one, have focused at least one session on this Discovery Education gem. The feedback we received after each event was very good, but many of the

Summer Lovin’ Webinar

Join us on Wednesday, June 4 for another What’s the 4-1-1? webinar. This month, the topic will be Summer Lovin’ – ideas to keep you and your students connected throughout the summer. In addition, we’ll share four integration strategy, a partnership program, and a trending educational topic. Wednesday, June 4 7:00 pm ET