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  1. Deep and Wide Implementation

    In almost every school system I have ever worked in there is a very real tension between providing high quality professional learning for every teacher and providing the on-going depth of experiences needed to produce lasting change. School systems typically do not have enough resources, otherwise known as time and money, to engage their teachers […]

  2. Mousey Monday – Mousey’s Farewell

    It is with a heavy heart that to tell our readers that this will be the last Mousey Monday. Mousey is moving on to other new endeavors and adventures. He is thankful for all of the support he has gotten from Discovery Education and our readers. Cache and Cookies will be going through some renovations. […]

  3. I <3 Texas – DENapalooza Austin


    I had the pleasure to head to Austin, Texas this past weekend for DENapalooza Austin. I have so much fun traveling around the country, visiting places I’ve never been, to work with teachers looking to learn and share with each other. Our DENapalooza events have been successful because of the people presenting and attending – […]

  4. Spring VirtCon Next Steps

    It’s been a few short weeks since Spring VirtCon 2014. You may have attended one of the many face-to-face events across the country with your colleagues and friends. You might have checked out the sessions from the comfort of your couch, sipping your coffee, and relaxing in your PJ’s. You may even have watched some […]

  5. Join Tomorrow at 1pm ET: Behind the Scenes from a Greek Yogurt Factory


      Join Discovery Education and Chobani as we transport your classroom to the Chobani factory in New Berlin, NY for a sneak peek into the technology used to deliver fresh milk, add live and active cultures, complete a straining process and transport Greek Yogurt to the grocery store. K-5 classrooms will also meet the Founder and […]

  6. Great Summer Reads on DENvice

    The countdown for summer has officially begun! Have you started working on your summer reading list? How about some help from your PLN? This week on DENvice join Idaho DEN Star Marita Diffenbaugh as she helps us find some great summer reads. Tell a friend and join us on DENvice.    

  7. Welcome to the DEN (STAR level)!

    Welcome to our new Michigan STARs! Tammy Bade                                Matt Barsen Barb Kowalewsky                      Lynn Krentz Rebecca O’Bryant                      Amanda Polaski Tina Robbins                              Carolyn Robbins Vicki Welch                                 Nancy Wind Katie Konkel                              Heather Monahan Annette Betke                         Lisa Gleason Matt Oney Trisha Weaver Don Erickson Erica Gildner                    Natasha Huber           Shelly Henderson  

  8. DEN Geocaching Day 2014

    Yesterday, educators and geocachers across the United States made it an official DEN Geocaching Day! Fifteen events across the country paired teachers with expert geocachers to help teach others the how-to’s, tips and tricks, and fun of these satellite based scavenger hunts. Mark Case, organized an in-person event for educators in the Piedmont in North […]

  9. DEN Weekly Update 5-16-2014


    This week’s DEN Weekly Update is full of great information for you! Here are just a few things to make sure you explore: 30 Minutes of Discovery DENny Awards Virtual Field Trip May Community Calendar Click here to learn about these great opportunities and more in the DEN Weekly Update. Your DEN Team

  10. Take the DEN to Work Day Archives: Game on!

    Take the DEN to Work Day was already a week ago.  In case you missed it, we’ve been highlighting the webinar archives all week long.  Our final archive to share is Hall Davidson’s trivia-inspired session that challenged students from across the country.   The archive from Hall’s session is available here. Take the DEN to Work Day: DEN […]

  11. 30 Minutes of Discovery: Today!

    Today is the day for 30 Minutes of Discovery: we hope you’ll give your students — and yourself — 30 minutes to discover new things and explore various interests in their Discovery Education accounts. We have some early birds reporting on how they spent their 30 minutes and trending topics are earthquakes, space, music, and […]

  12. Take the DEN to Work Day Archives: Try This at Home!

    Take the DEN to Work Day was last Friday. Jannita Demian ramped up our scientific thinking with Try This at Home!, our third session that shared fun, simple, and safe experiments with step-by-step guidelines on how to try this at home!  The archive is now available here. Take the DEN to Work Day: DEN Teacher Appreciation Week 2014 Try This […]

  13. Live Virtual Event: An Ultimate Cool School Assembly

    Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 11.11.36 AM

      REGISTER TODAY: An Ultimate Cool School Assembly Bending the Elements: Exploring the Way the World Works Tune into our Siemens Science Day Ultimate Cool School Assembly as Patti Duncan presents fun and interactive science activities and highlights the importance of science literacy. During this webcast, students will be amazed as they witness interactive demonstrations […]

  14. Take the DEN to Work Day Archives: Story Time with Steve!

    Take the DEN to Work Day was last Friday. Our second session featured Steve Dembo, who shared a fun, interactive story and inspired students to create their own.  Later in the day, Steve rejoined us to share several of the student-created Boards from the morning.  Both archives are now available here.   Take the DEN to Work Day: […]

  15. DENny Awards – May 22 7:00 pm ET


    Join us at this annual event where we recognize members of the DEN Community who have gone above and beyond for the community during the school year.  With categories like Best DEN Event, the RJ Stangerlin (for excellence in blogging), and Rising STAR (for new STARs), we recognize greatness within the community.There are many different […]

  16. Chad’s Choices From the Community


    Please take some time to read this week’s edition of Chad’s Choices from the Community. Explore this blog series to learn more about the DEN Community and the resources being shared. Articles from the Community South Carolina STAR Chuck Holland shared why professional development matters. North Carolina STAR Danita Russell shared 4 great resources for using […]

  17. STARs in the News: Claire Kreuger


    Claire Kreuger is one of those special teachers whose passion and creativity take her to places not everyone goes. Her efforts to teach Treaty Education to her students combined with technology and creativity has been recognized by the Canadian Education Association with the Ken Spencer Award for Innovative Teaching Award. She is among 7 people […]

  18. Take the DEN to Work Day Archives: Would Your Rather?

    Take the DEN to Work Day was last Friday. Patti Duncan kicked off the day with an interactive session for students that inspired creative problem solving.  The archive is now available.  Enjoy! Take the DEN to Work Day: DEN Teacher Appreciation Week 2014 Would You Rather?… have a stack of quarters from the floor to the top […]

  19. Education in Finland

    Last week I had the opportunity to serve as the moderator for “Should learning by fun?” at the Embassy of Finland. Finland has had the premier education system since the 1960’s when their government decided that the best way to improve the economy of their country was to have the best education system in the […]

  20. Mousey Monday – International Nurses Day


    Happy Mousey Monday from Mousey to our Cache and Cookies readers! Today is International Nurses Day! This is a day to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions that nurses make to our society. The International Council of Nurses has started the tradition of this day since 1965. Every year, the International Council of Nurses creates and […]