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#DENfitFriday- What is your Status?

#DENfitFriday- What is your Status?

I wrote about the awesome #DENfitFriday challenge here at the very end of May.  I was on a roll!  I had been religiously doing the various challenges, keeping up with my eating, and walking EVERY day!  Then disaster struck… (insert ominous Da-Da- Duuuuhhh here) known as the end of school! Now, you might say.. end of

DSN Summer Series: Week 3 — At-Home Science

The DSN Summer Series continues this week with the launch of the At-Home Science board. Many students are off for summer break and already into the DSN Summer Series. Help your students stay connected — make sure they’re aware of our Summer Series boards!   This week’s Summer Series is an interactive, fun show of