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London Day of Discovery

London Day of Discovery

The magic of Discovery has made it’s way to London. Yesterday, was the first event in a series of no-cost whole-day CPD sessions developed to help teachers prepare for the new national curriculum. Delivered by Espresso Education, now a part of Discovery Education, this first-of-its-kind event covered what’s new in the national curriculum and practical

July DEN Community Calendar

Whether you like it or not, July is here. It’s a time for fun, family time, the DEN Summer Institute, and more. Many educators will be using the month to catch up on blog posts and other educational reading. Take some time to explore the July DEN Community Calendar. It’s filled with great articles and

Kathy's Katch

July 2014: Activators and summarizers with mobile devices

Activators and summarizers have been used in classrooms for a long time. We all have our favorites and students know what to expect when we begin to use them. Since many classrooms now have at least part time access to 1:1 mobile devices, whether on a cart, a BYOD environment, or a true 1:1 program,