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Call for videos! #BecauseoftheDEN

Call for videos! #BecauseoftheDEN

It’s been quite a summer. While you’ve been attending professional development events and connecting to each other on social media, I’ve been favoriting your tweets, liking your facebook pictures and reading your blog posts. As teachers, you inspire each other with ideas and lessons, proving how effective a group of people connected by social media

One Idea: with Texas’ Dr. Greg Firn, Deputy Superintendent of Academics, Grand Prairie Independent School District

 In this episode of One Idea With: Discovery Education Senior Vice President Scott Kinney interviews Grand Prairie Independent School District’s Deputy Superintendent of Academics Dr. Greg Firn. A member of the senior leadership team in a 58-square mile school system serving 27,500 students, Dr. Firn’s One Idea focuses on the IF (Implementation Fidelity) factor.  Watch