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Fun Fact Friday: Pluto

Fun Fact Friday: Pluto

Everyone knows that Pluto is small, but did you know that it’s smaller than Russia? It’s true! Most folks know that Pluto lost its standing as a planet, but most people don’t realize how small it really is. For example, even the Earth’s moon is larger than Pluto, and a few other moons in our

DEN Weekly Update 8-8-2014

This week’s DEN Weekly Update is full of great information for you! Here are just a few things to make sure you explore: DEN Summer School Webinar #2 DEN Chat Returns Techbook Boot Camp Click here to learn about these great opportunities and more in the DEN Weekly Update. Your DEN Team

DE Summer School: Digital Challenge- Integration

Welcome to DE Summer School’s  Digital Challenge!  Every Friday, during August, we’ll be featuring a new DE Digital Challenge Board that will allow you to explore more of Discovery Education resources and programs. Are you ready to accept the challenge?!?  Don’t do it alone! Share these resources with your colleagues. You know the ins and