DE Summer School: Tips and Tricks-Viewing Discovery Education videos on iPad


ArrowsRRIf you’re using an iPad to access Discovery Education Streaming, you may find that your current video format preference (or the default setting, if you’ve never changed it on your Discovery Education account) isn’t compatible with iPad. If you’re having difficulties viewing videos from your mobile device, this is the likely cause.

This is a common issue, and is easily remedied by pulling up the video you want to play, and clicking the Streaming Settings icon at the bottom of the player. It looks like a small gear, or a wheel. Once you’ve clicked it, simply choose the “H.264”, which is our recommended format option, and then click Save. It’s that easy!

This quick fix should get you back up and running with Discovery Education’s extensive video content library, even when you’re on the go!

Here’s another tip! Ever heard of iCab Mobile? It’s an alternate iPad browser that lets you download to your camera roll. It’s proving to be very popular with our DEN members, so you may want to give it a try! To learn more about iCab Mobile check out this post from our March Madness series.


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