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Fun Fact Friday: Kidney Transplants

Fun Fact Friday: Kidney Transplants

Did you know that when a person receives a kidney transplant, typically the doctors leave the original kidney in place? It’s true! Kidneys are located in a relatively well protected area of the body. There are many sensitive areas and fragile organs located in the vicinity of the kidneys. Normally, unless there is a particular

DE Summer School: #TBT- What’s the 4-1-1

Ever wonder the quickest way to get the latest 4-1-1 on trending topics and how educators are using digital media? This #TBT is dedicated to the “What’s the 4-1-1” monthly webinar series that features 4 integration strategies, 1 trending topic, and 1 educational program.   Here are a few of our favorites that we thought might

DE Summer School: Digital Challenge- Student Experience

Welcome to DE Summer School’s  Digital Challenge!  Every Friday, during August, we’ll be featuring a new DE Digital Challenge Board that will allow you to explore more of Discovery Education resources and programs. Are you ready to accept the challenge?!?  Don’t do it alone! Share these resources with your colleagues. You’re swimming in Discovery Education’s