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Calendar of Cool: Women’s Equality Day

Calendar of Cool: Women’s Equality Day

Today, August 26th, is Women’s Equality Day. Designated by Congress in 1971, this is also the anniversary of the passage in 1920 of the Nineteenth Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. After the Civil War, women began the battle to gain the right to vote. Despite being taxpaying citizens of the United States,

Celebrate Women’s Suffrage with Image Analysis

    Updated August 26, 2015 The 19th amendment, extending voting rights to women, was adopted 95 years ago today! This milestone of American progress is an opportunity to begin higher order skill development at the start of the year with your students. Discovery Education Social Studies Techbook includes images and lesson materials that will

DE Summer School: SOS- Shake It Up Baby

I decided to try the strategy out with at 4th grade class. I introduced the project to students, using a lot of student sample videos and explaining to them exactly what was expected of them. I asked them to partner up, find any song on Discovery Education that had lyrics, study the lyrics and make any kind of video to express the lyrics. I let students use my ipad to play the song from discovery and video cameras to film their songs.

DEN Connects!

Help your students become empathic and responsible global citizens by connecting them to students in other classrooms around the country with DEN Connects. We’ll provide monthly topics to help you jump into fun and productive conversations and a list of educators with whom you can connect. On the first of each month, DEN Connects will provide a few resources, chosen