Principals and Teachers in Actions

I hope you’re familiar with our DE in action series. It’s a rich, authentic look at the variety of ways teachers use Discovery Education in their classroom. From “pop in” style to 360 video experiences, we’ve tried to showcase, not just exemplary practices but a range of teachers, pedagogies, classroom configurations and ages.

Missing was a look at Principals in action. So with that in mind, we spent some time in Abbotsford School District in British Columbia where middle school principals have been integral in the purchasing, support and implementation of Science Techbook. What you’ll see below is a combination of principals sharing the ways in which they support innovative practices and specifically the way they have utilized Discovery Education in improving teaching and learning. In addition, you’ll find 2 classroom visits through a 360 video experience.


Here’s a quick rundown of the various links:

  1. Greetings by Superintendent Kevin Godden
  2. Vice-Principal Mike Haire sharing how the partnership with Discovery Education began
  3. Principal Dexter Horton talks about the way in which principals collaborate and share
  4. A look at Discovery Education’s PD
  5. Abbotsford’s Infrastructure
  6. How leaders support teachers
  7. A 360 experience where 2 teachers work together to develop a lesson
  8. A teacher developing researchers and experts using Science Techbook



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