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Andrea Keller received her B.A. from West Texas A&M University in Canyon, Texas in interdisciplinary studies with a focus on special education. She received her M.S. in educational technology from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas. She started teaching in 2002 in Amarillo, Texas teaching in a pre-school program for children with disabilities classroom and then moved to Irving, Texas where she continues to teach. She has taught in a pervasive developmental disorder K-3 unit for the past four years and is passionate about using 21st-century technology with her classroom. Although her students are often low-verbal or non-verbal, she adapts and modifies so they can participate in podcasting, vodcasting, and video conferencing. Ms. Keller has received grants to get webcams in every PDD classroom, along with a campus set of Wii remotes and materials to create Wii remote interactive whiteboards. She currently leads students in Destination Imagination, an after-school activity in which teams work to solve mind-bending challenges and present their solutions at tournaments.

  1. #DENfitFriday- What is your Status?

    I wrote about the awesome #DENfitFriday challenge here at the very end of May.  I was on a roll!  I had been religiously doing the various challenges, keeping up with my eating, and walking EVERY day!  Then disaster struck… (insert ominous Da-Da- Duuuuhhh here) known as the end of school! Now, you might say.. end of […]

  2. #DENfitFriday

    Hi, I am Andrea Keller and I am a fast food aholic… but more importantly I LOVE Challenges! So, when #DENfitFriday came through my email I was SUPER excited!  Haven’t heard of #DENfitFriday? Check out the website “#DENfitFriday is a fitness initiative for educators within the DEN that encourages them to make healthier lifestyle choices.  Through workouts, […]

  3. My DEN Story

    I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing people along my journey as an educator.   Because of these different connections is the reason that I am a part of the Discovery Education Network.  Several years ago I met Elaine Plybon (if you are ever bored, I will be happy to share the story […]

  4. Discovering Even more of the DEN

    I have been a DEN Star and LC member for almost 3 years now and I am always learning something new! I had the chance to attend the first #DENapalooza in McKinney, Texas.  I had a chance to listen to some great sessions and connect with some friends F2F (I am all about an online connection, […]

  5. Happenings!

    Amendment added! I know that it is only February, but there is already SO many things to start marking on your calendar!  I just finished with TCEA where one of our own DEN members was selected TCEA Teacher of the Year!  Will be doing a blog on that soon!  So, here are a few of […]

  6. Accomplishments and Tooting Your Horn

    During the summer I am always so caught up on all my social media and everything that is going on.  I am sharing, gathering, and redistributing information that I learn.  During the first of the school year my social media has to take a break as I get back into the swing of school.  Well, […]

  7. Extended Learning

    There are always so many opportunities to attend conferences.  I love attending conferences to of course gain new learning… but even more to connect with others throughout the eduverse.  I teach in a self contained classroom, so I welcome an opportunity to connect with educators outside the classroom.  At the end of September I was […]

  8. Keeping Your Parents Up To Date!

    I just finished my first week of school.  I LOVE my classroom, but I am super excited that it is a 3 day weekend this weekend.  Gives me a chance to catch up with my giant to do list. First on my list is to sleep late  I love teaching,  but I also love being […]

  9. The Back to School Dash!

    I walked into my classroom last Thursday for the first time all summer! If you know me.. this is kind of crazy!  I had not seen the inside of my classroom ALL summer! I had been filling my brain with all of the amazing professional development I was getting through ISTE, Podstock, and DENSI2012.   […]

  10. DENSI2012 Favorites

    My first ever Discovery Education Network Summer Institute is coming to a close.  I have made some amazing connections, learned a ton of new things, and have a plethora of ideas that I am going to try next year.  There have been a ton of amazing blogs that have already been posted, so I don’t want to […]

  11. Professional Development

    With summer just around the corner (7 days of school left.. not that I am counting) I am looking forward to the professional development that I will be able to take in over the summer!  Although attending conferences face to face are fantastic, it is not always feasible or affordable.  A great way to still […]

  12. DEN Geocaching Day

    This weekend (May 19, 2012) I had the chance to participate in the DEN Geocaching Day in Dallas, Texas.  Laura Gonzalez set up the FANTASTIC event in our area! What is Geocaching you ask? “Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and […]

  13. Making Life Easy

    As the end of the school year draws near, I wanted to look back and share some super cool websites/apps that have made my life a little easier.  Being a teacher for children with varying abilities I am constantly taking data and reassessing students needs and accomplishments.  Each of these websites I plan to play […]

  14. Egg Farm To Table Virtual Field Trip

      With budget cuts, increasing rigor, and time that always runs away from us a virtual field trip is a great way to get “out” of the classroom.  I was super excited to see the email from Discovery Education Network about the Egg Farm to Table Virtual Field Trip.  I automatically forwarded it onto my […]

  15. Energize… find an PadCamp or EdCamp!

    It is the last day of our school districts spring break.  I have had a chance to spend a ton of hours in bed (if you know me.. this is NOT a common occurrence at all)  I am trying to get energized for the next few months of school.    How do you energize yourself to be […]

  16. TCEA, Summer Learning, and Conferences Oh My!

    Although it is only February, I am already thinking about conferences that will be happening this summer.  Conferences are a great way to renew your excitement in teaching, learn new ideas and concepts to take back to your classroom, and of course meet up with friends from all over! What conferences are your must go […]

  17. The Power of a Hashtag

    #findhaley #lovehaley

    I have been mulling over this post for a little over a month.   When I became a DEN LC blog member I had so many ideas that I wanted to share, write about, and post.  However, the reality of this year set in.  Changing schools, changing classes, and just change in general made everything […]