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  1. Announcing! DEN Trivia Contest Winners

      First, thank you to all the folks that entered our DEN Trivia Contest.  We hope you had fun AND learned a bit in the process! Second, here is the news from the contest: 27 people submitted responses. 18 had 15 or more correct answers.  They were: Mark Case NC Sheila Fredericks PA DiAnne Galm […]

  2. Trivial Pursuit — DEN style

    Think you know the DEN?  Think you can scavenge with the best of them?  Think you can ‘pursue’ trivia– especially for a chance at prizes?   Then this post is for YOU! The blog team is sponsoring a DEN Trivia Scavenger Hunt through the wonderful resources of the Discovery Educator Network, with a side trip […]

  3. Look What I Found: the continuing search

    Still exploring iPad apps…. here’s the latest finds: 3 D Classic Literature  provides access to a variety of classic literature in a pleasing visual style that nicely mimics reading an actual book.  It is not perfect yet, for example the font size can’t be changed- though it is a larger font that is generally easier on […]

  4. Discovery Comes to Region 11- Fort Worth, TX

    ESC 11 in Fort Worth is hosting its annual Digital Summer Learning Conference Friday, May 17,  and Discovery will be there! Keynote speaker will be Director of Online Community and Social Media Strategy (and Star Wars afficionado) Steve Dembo. He will be  speaking on the topic: Building Bolder Schools: It Doesn’t Hurt to Be First on the […]

  5. Books on Tablet

    “Books wait like miracles. Now come along for the ride.”   That’s from one of this post’s items:  a wonderful book called Little Library Mouse by Stephanie Lisa Tara.  I got it as an ebook, but there are print editions also.  A mouse enjoys the books in the closed for the night library, imagining himself in various […]

  6. Den Reads: Recommendations for Professional Reading

    Getting right to the point, here are some of my recommendations for professional reading: > Machines Are the Easy Part; People Are the Hard Part:observations about making technology work in schools  by Doug Johnson With humor, insight and short easy to read chapters, Johnson addresses topics from encouraging job security to the particular needs of […]

  7. I Am a Logophile: update (and more)

    One of my favorite vocabulary games: 7 Little Words has officially released its junior version: 7 Little Words for Kids. Like the original,  you must figure seven words from the clues, using the letter blocks.    The junior version, however, takes the elementary age players through various worlds, including a scuba adventure, space travel, dinosaur […]

  8. Trivia Pursuit

    While the other families were out playing football on a holiday afternoon, mine was inside playing Trivial Pursuit or other academic trivia games.  The fun of the play encouraged our interest — and thus our learning– of various subjects.  It can do the same for you and your students. A recent sampling of my Trivia […]

  9. I Am a Logophile

    A logophile is a lover of words (   That is definitely me and it is not coincidence that I love to read also.   Vocabulary and reading certainly go together and help strengthen each other.  So what are some ways to strengthen vocabulary?  Here are a few ideas: Discovery Streaming includes vocabulary development as […]

  10. Have Android; Need Apps

    Got an Android OS based tablet and looking for great apps?  Here are some blogs and posts with helpful information.   from Richard Byrne of Free Technology for Teachers, this blog is one of the best resources  “short and sweet” post with 5 free apps to recommend   also check the link within the […]

  11. Web Wanderings: being the first in a series…

    Web Wanderings: being a series on the interesting, curious, humorous and sometimes even helpful items I’ve found on the web . For this first post, some items recommended to me by Linda Rush — DEN STAR, LC Member and DEN Guru: — connecting two  popular tech resources, the site states “This video outlines how the Edmodo […]

  12. Discovery — To the Classroom and Beyond!

    Just as I tell teachers that Discovery Education is so much more than merely videos,  the program is not just for classroom teachers but for all educational settings.   That includes the library– my particular setting!   This wealth of resources is continued by the DEN, another place with something for all educators, from the core teachers in the regular classroom […]

  13. Beep Beep , Beep Beep …

    The car songs ran through my head … G.T.O., Mercury Blues, Little Deuce Coupe, We’ll have fun fun fun, Hot Rod Lincoln…  Discovery Education and the Velocity Channel had come to the Dallas Mecum Auto Auction.  I was  walking with a group of excited students through rows and rows of cars- muscle cars, classic cars, even a couple of race cars […]

  14. Next Appy Hour Tweet Chat– June 19th

    June 19th, 7 pm to 8 pm CST Topic: Using Apps and Devices with Special Needs Students Moderator – Betsy Ruffin with Special Guest Linda Rush Use hash tag #AppyHour #AppyHour is a Tweet Chat held on the third Tuesday of each month and hosted by the Texas Leadership Council of the Discovery Educator Network […]

  15. Texas DENnys Winners!

    Texas Stars shown at the 2012 DENnys awards, streaming live from Discovery HQ in Maryland.  In the Most Creative/Best DEN event category was  Howard Martin, from Austin, with his SXSiPad event. “We did a South By Southwest-themed iPad event called, South By South iPad.   Almost 50 people converged for a full day of concurrent sessions […]

  16. Been Looking At….

    Been looking at a few new things:   1. Teachers Paying Teachers– browse this computer science-technology section;  buy the lessons, etc created by educators  2. Vook — a new twist on ebooks — 3. Vidinstructor — ecommerce but could haveeducational applications —  What are you investigating?

  17. Congratulations Texas DEN members!

    DEN Guru Finalists Kim Chaise  This is my 2nd year on the Leadership Council and I also co-host the Classroom 2.0 LIVE webinar series on Saturday mornings in Blackboard Collaborate featuring ways to integrate technology in the classroom. I am a national board educator in the area of technology education and have been in education […]

  18. Appy Hour Is Coming!

    Remember to join us for the Appy Hour on March 20 starting at 6 PM CST via Twitter.  We will tweet about great educational applications for iPads and Android devices.  For more on this see the following links:

  19. Reflection App

    By Linda Rush Using the $15 Reflection App on an Apple computer, it’s now possible to MIRROR the screen of an iPad2 or iPhone4S right on your screen.   AirPlay mirror your iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to any Mac running OS X 10.6+, wirelessly. This  makes your Apple computer function like an AppleTV for iOS mirroring, except […]

  20. TCEA: more links

    More links to info from TCEA sessions: From Steve Dembo’s sessions: 50 ways to spin a digital story Storytelling for the YouTube Generation iThink iNeed iPads in the Classroom General TCEA 2012 Handouts site: If you’ve got other links from TCEA (like others from Steve or those […]

  21. Texas DEN STAR wins TCEA award

    Our own Texas DEN STAR and LC member, Andrea Keller, was named Classroom Teacher of the Year at the TCEA 2012 convention. “This award is presented to a teacher who exhibits exemplary use of technology in the classroom. The teacher recognizes and uses a wide variety of technology tools to enhance the learning of all […]

  22. Iron DEN Challenge — LIVE and In Person

    Streaming blog time as I blog live from the Iron DEN Challenge at TCEA. The Challenge: create a resource to introduce students to the water cycle The Rules: 30 minutes to make it, then will share and vote on best The secret ingredient: Camel’s Head image The Results: All -4-One : used blabberize  and  […]