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  1. SoCal SciCon 2010

    Alright, science lovers: what do you get when NaHCO3 and C12H22O11 combine with C6H10O5? Why, some delicious treats!  Join us at the Corner Bakery at Irvine Spectrum for in-person participation of the Discovery Educator Network SciCon 2010.  You’ll be treated to science-focused integration of digital media, great networking with peers, as well as to some […]

  2. CUE is Coming!

    If you haven’t yet registered for CUE, good news: the Early Bird registration has been extended to Dec. 11. Registration is open at This is California’s biggest tech conference and the DEN will have a big presence there along with Discovery Education. We have a big retreat planned – check back for updates. What: […]

  3. CUE LA Tech Fair

    Is that high of attending the Virtual Conference wearing off? Ready for more? Get ready for the CUE LA Tech Fair. From Voicethread to SMART Boards to Google, this program looks to be packed with sessions for everyone. Ted Lai is the keynote speaker. And of course, some of our very own STARS will be […]

  4. Tech or Treat!

    It’s back – one of the most popular DEN events ever and a California original. Join us for the Tech or Treat, a local event where you can participate in the DEN Virtual Conference and also learn from local DEN Stars. On Oct. 24th, the Discovery Educator Network Virtual Conference brings the best & brightest […]

  5. Year Wrap-Up

    As another great year comes to a close, we have to share a few highlights of the great things we’ve done this past school-year. We’ve had some fantastic events including the OC CUE Techfest, Virtual Conference, the California Poppy Festival, and KOCE Day of Discovery. Best of all, we won an DENny award for the […]

  6. Events page

    Since blog posts continually move down as new posts go up, I know how frustrating it can be to find info on upcoming events that you’ve read about. So we’ve created a new page to store our event info more permanently. It’s easy to go to, just click on the word EVENTS next to the […]

  7. CUE Celebration

    It’s CUE time in CA. If you haven’t already registered, the annual conference in Palm Springs is just around the corner. Go to for more info. And of course, what would a conference be without a DEN party? Not much I tell you. Join us for the CUE Conference Celebration at Boomers on Friday […]

  8. Using DE survey

    Jennifer Dorman from the Pennsylvania DEN is conducting a survey to see how teachers use DE’s resources for teaching the Civil War. Do you use one of the over 360 resources on DE for teaching the Civil War in your classroom? Or do you know another teacher who uses them? You can use the form […]

  9. OC CUE Tech Fest

    Hey CA DEN folks, It’s 2009 and there are some great DEN events headed your way. It starts with next weekend with the Orange County CUE Tech Fest. Come hang with fellow DEN members and bring a friend. We still have some limited space, so don’t wait to RSVP! Hope we’ll see you there! Here […]

  10. LC stands for Labor Company

    Deep in the headquarters of the Discovery command center, the top minds of the CA LC have been hard at work planning, networking, and gathering wonderful lesson ideas to bring back and share with you all. While all this work is not compulsive, the efforts of the council members has nonetheless intensively focused. The picture […]

  11. A Night in the Stars

    This week CA DEN Stars got to hang with a couple big stars as they attended a sneak preview of Discovery’s upcoming series “When We Left Earth“. We got to see a special screening of the new high-def series that chronicles 50 years of space exploration and includes space footage never seen before. Episode 2 […]

  12. Got Gifted Money?

    Hall Davidson is doing an all-day workshop for teachers of the gifted at Audubon Middle School this Saturday. It is one of a continuing series of workshops done in collaboration with the California Association of the Gifted (CAG). Time is from 9 – 3 PM, with lunch provided. However, be advised that there is a […]

  13. The New Ways of News

    When the web first came out, it seemed one of the most important features was instaneity of the news. Journalists were able to publish stories moments after they happened and readers were able to get them before the evening news. The world’s information was getting faster. Now, it’s getting more creative. With RSS feeds, our […]

  14. DEN wins awards

    The CUE conference started off with a bang this last weekend as the organization gave two awards to DEN stars. Jannita Demian, who we still claim as our California DEN mother, was awarded the Technology in Learning Leadership Award. This is given out to a member of the educational technology community whose contributions advance the […]

  15. Archives

    Back in December, I was ‘bummed’ as my students would say, that I missed the Daniel Pink Webinar on how right-brainers will rule the world. I was busy grading papers for a deadline. Imagine that? Luckily, Webex has it’s own recording feature, sort of like TiVo for WebEx. All the guest webinars are archived online. […]

  16. DEN Virtual Conference

    Hey CA DEN’rs! Getting lost trying to start using all these cool tech ideas we share? Don’t want to fight traffic to attend a conference? Trouble no more – here’s your chance to attend a great DEN training event right from your own home. The first DEN Virtual Conference is happening on Saturday, February 2nd […]

  17. Fires

    Hey all CA DEN Members. Hope that you are all safe and out of harm’s way. We’re getting good updates on the fires and a few of our DEN family has had to evacuate their homes.  Jannita has a post which several folks are replying to at: Be sure to keep our fellow DEN […]

  18. CLHS Conference

    It’s almost November and the whales are calling. The California League of High/Middle Schools Tech Conference is taking place in Monterey November 29-December 2. This is a great conference and holds a special memory for me as it’s the place where I met Hall D. and joined DEN. This year they’re adding a new strand […]