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  1. DEN Fall VirtCon Recap-EdTech in Special Ed

      Education technology can be very effectively leveraged to provide functional and engaging learning opportunities to students with disabilities, as Sam Blanco demonstrated in her VirtCon session “EdTech in Special Ed”.  iPads are an especially motivating tool to use with students who have diverse learning needs.  And there is so much untapped potential for students […]

  2. STAR-A-THON at DENapalooza Denver

      One of the most popular sessions at our DENapalooza Denver event last month was an unconference session allowing teachers to complete their STAR application.  We’re so excited to welcome the following new DEN STARS  to the Colorado Council! Tara Ail Jeff Allen Debbie  Barr Tanya Cunningham Heather Fortelka Linda Horne Christi JohnsonLaura Kannaka Beth […]

  3. A Few Of Our Favorite (Discovery) Things-Mythbusters

    “Don’t try this at home–we are what you’d call ‘experts’.”  When you hear these words, you know it’s MythBusters time.   Subscribers to Discovery Education Streaming are lucky to be able to have on-demand access to  many Mythbusters episodes to use with their students. (Note: It may be that Mythbusters is for Discovery Streaming Plus subscribers […]

  4. #DENChat Tonight 10/17 8 pm EST

    It’s #DENchat time on Twitter this evening.  Our topic?  Well, that will be up to you.  It’s “Open Mike Night”.  Since it is Connected Educators month, we’re connecting you to each other.  We’re going to try an “I have….who has…” format.  For example: “I have a great lesson on the Revolutionary War and Paul Revere’s […]

  5. DENChat tonight!

    Don’t forget, our Thursday Twitter Meetup–#DENChat will be tonight (8 pm EST). I’ll be hosting the topic, which will be all about how to create Mash-Ups using Discovery Education content. See you then!

  6. A Few of Our Favorite (Discovery) Things

    Image Credit:   Welcome to a new series written by the Discovery Educator Network’s Blog and Social Media Team! In this series, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite Discovery Series and how we’re using them in classrooms. This week, we’re looking more into animated versions of classic children’s stories  published by Weston Woods.  […]

  7. Discovering Discovery

    Our school has come a long way in two years with our use of Discovery Education tools. Sure, we had pockets of users here and there who showed an occasional video or clip, but most teachers hadn’t delved into it since the days of it being called United Streaming. So, as a tech coach new […]

  8. A Week of DEN Learning? Sign me up!

    Giving up a week of a pretty short (7 weeks) summer vacation to do school work?  Um…yeah!  It’s the Discovery Education Network Summer Institute.  Who wouldn’t want that opportunity?!?! So, on this Sunday morning in February, I am hard at work on  my application video and thinking of all the reasons why Discovery Education is […]

  9. Enhancing Learning with DE Streaming-Collaboration

    My “where-have-you-been-all-my-life” relationship with Discovery Education began six years ago when I started teaching special education in a district who subscribed to Discovery Education Streaming services.   An epiphany! A wonder tool! A magic wand!  Well–OK, that might be a slight exaggeration of my feelings.  However, it is safe to say that I was definitely excited […]