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STARs in the News: Joquetta Johnson

STARs in the News: Joquetta Johnson

As we’ve known for a long time, the DEN Community is full of the brightest and best educators around. Recently, I came across an article about Joquetta Johnson. Joquetta is a library media specialist in Baltimore County Schools and is quite the ed tech evangelist. The first time I met Joquetta was at DENapalooza Washington,


One Idea: with Texas’ Dr. Greg Firn, Deputy Superintendent of Academics, Grand Prairie Independent School District

 In this episode of One Idea With: Discovery Education Senior Vice President Scott Kinney interviews Grand Prairie Independent School District’s Deputy Superintendent of Academics Dr. Greg Firn. A member of the senior leadership team in a 58-square mile school system serving 27,500 students, Dr. Firn’s One Idea focuses on the IF (Implementation Fidelity) factor.  Watch


Chompie = Joy

My colleague Dean Shareski is wonderful at sharing joy and talking about how we need to keep joy not only in our lives, but also in our school and classrooms. The more I think about it, he’s right. Smiling, laughing, and just being happy, are so good for us. Last week at ISTE, Chompie, Discovery


Lighting Up the Sky

In the United States, July 4th is a time for celebration. It’s also a time when fireworks will be on display. Families will gather in their communities to see the wonderful light display. Have you ever wondered how fireworks are made? What’s the science behind making fireworks? Did you know you and your students can learn


STARs in the News: Cheryl Lykowski

STAR Discovery Educators are doing great things in their classrooms each day and we don’t often get the chance to visit those rooms and see educators in action. Last year, I was fortunate enough to visit Michigan DEN STAR and LC member Cheryl Lykowski’s classroom. Cheryl does some pretty great things with her second graders


London Day of Discovery

The magic of Discovery has made it’s way to London. Yesterday, was the first event in a series of no-cost whole-day CPD sessions developed to help teachers prepare for the new national curriculum. Delivered by Espresso Education, now a part of Discovery Education, this first-of-its-kind event covered what’s new in the national curriculum and practical


July DEN Community Calendar

Whether you like it or not, July is here. It’s a time for fun, family time, the DEN Summer Institute, and more. Many educators will be using the month to catch up on blog posts and other educational reading. Take some time to explore the July DEN Community Calendar. It’s filled with great articles and

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DEN Weekly Update 6-27-2014

This week’s DEN Weekly Update is full of great information for you! Here are just a few things to make sure you explore: DSN Summer Series Spotlight on Strategies LIVE from DENSI Chad’s Choices from the Community Click here to learn more about these great opportunities and more in the DEN Weekly Update.   Your DEN


LIVE from the DEN Summer Institute

There are a lot of educators looking to learn this summer and while many will not be able to be in Nashville for the DEN Summer Institute this year, the learning can continue for many. In fact, there are several ways for you to experience the learning if you are somewhere other than Nashville. A group