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  1. If You Give a DEN Guru (Conni Mulligan) an iPad…….

    My name is Conni Mulligan and I have been part of the Discovery Educator Network since 2005 when the service was called United Streaming.  Shortly after applying to become a STAR educator, I inquired about why North and South Carolina were combined on the DEN Leadership Council Blog instead of being separate states.  Well, long story […]

  2. I Didn’t Know Discovery Did That?

    As an Instructional Technology Facilitator, workshop presenter, teacher and an avid promoter of using Discovery Education products and resources, I am constantly hearing, “I didn’t’ know it did that???” when working with administrators, teachers, district curriculum coaches and department heads.  So, here are some of the most often heard things that I am asked and […]

  3. Don’t Get Caught in Email Tag

    Who are you? What do you do? Where do you work? How do I contact you later? These are very simple questions that everyone reading emails should be able to answer for themselves.  However, do you know the answers to these 4 simple questions for the rest of the individuals that send you emails?  Hundreds […]

  4. Not in Words!

    “Welcome to the Not in Words’ website: explaining things with a universal language, the language of pictures.” ~ This video is very good at explaining the “Evolution of the Web through Web 2.0″ to those that still just don’t understand.  More importantly, it has NO WORDS; thus, the title of the website.  Even though most […]

  5. Getting Started Geocaching with Your Students

    Decide what part of the curriculum you want to integrate with GPS devices?  Anything goes!!!!  What do you want the students to learn from the activity or how will completing this activity enhance the curriculum that you have taught in the classroom? Find out how many GPS devices you have available to use and determine […]

  6. NCTIES – Only 1 Week Away!!

    Celebrating 40 Years!!! You have exactly one week left to make arrangements to attend NCTIES in Raleigh, March 2-4, 2011.  According to the twitter feed, 1300 people have pre-registered and you can still register onsite next week.   Here is a list of the featured speakers for Pre-conference and Concurrent Session: Rushton Hurley – Keynote Speaker […]

  7. NC Participates in 1st DEN Geocaching Day

    On May 30, 2009, North Carolina educators participated in the 1st DEN Geocaching Day at two locations:  Etowah and Kinston   Etowah, NC Twelve geocachers began the day at the newly opened Etowah Public Library where they learned about how GPS satellites work, GPS devices and Geocaching.  They then spent some time looking for some small caches around […]

  8. DEN Geocaching Day

    Fifteen states will participate in the first-ever DEN Geocaching Day and North Carolina is one of them!  Two events are planned for Saturday, May 30, 2009 in which educators are invited to learn about geocaching and using GPS devices. Location #1 – Golden Corral – Kinston, NC Time:  8:30- Contact:  DEN Guide: Lee Yahnker,  Location […]

  9. The Vanishing Frog

                         Thursday evening, I was privileged to attend a screening for Jeff Corwin’s The Vanishing Frog, a new Animal Planet Documentary in Charlotte, NC at the Discovery Place.  Jeff began his presentation by stating “It was hard to get people to see that frogs are sexy things,” and I very much agreed.  He […]