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I’ve been in education for the past 23 years and taught grades K-8 as well as pre-service teachers. My role the past several years has centered around supporting teachers transition classrooms to leverage technology to transform and enhance learning. I love to share(ski). I’ve got a boatload of stuff online. My greatest asset is my network. I live in Moose Jaw, SK. Yes, that’s a real place. I’m married with 4 children and seek any and every opportunity to play golf. Discovery has asked me to drop the “a” in my name and simply be called Den.

  1. Communication and Community are Different

    Cross posted on my blog: As I talk with and work with schools and districts interested in using social media they often talk about their communication strategy and how they might use social media in a strategic way. My first reaction is you can’t. The word “strategic” implies a tactical and deliberate approach. While that […]

  2. Great things happening in Ontario

    I spent the last few days in the province of Ontario with some fantastic educators, parents and students. Monday and Tuesday I was with the Learning Connections team in Ottawa from the Ottawa Catholic School Board. Karen McEvoy facilitated the work of nearly 60 teachers from grades k-6 who were exploring a variety of technologies […]

  3. I have the best job

    The other day I was in the middle one of my regular google hangouts with my teammates and my wife happened to be home over hearing the conversation. “I hate you”, she said in jest. “All your calls include lots of laughing, lots of encouragement and a bunch of new cool things you’re doing.” Yeah, […]

  4. It Takes All Kinds: Communities

    This is the third in a 4 part series. You can read  part one and part two if you like. This one is very specific to my work but hopefully will resonate at some level. The truth is this post has already been written, and is the post that got me thinking about this whole […]

  5. How Awesome is Jared Heidinger?

    I’ve mentioned DEN STAR Jared Heidinger before but want to reiterate and share his simple idea of connecting his students with people all over the world and at the same time deal with the rather mundane but necessary task of having his students learn vocabulary for their provincial exams. Jared explains his idea of the […]

  6. Two Canadian meetups in January

    What continues to be among the simplest, yet most meaningful opportunities for teachers are those informal chances to network with other teachers. This month they will be a couple of chances for the DEN to support that. On Wednesday, January 16th, Ottawa area teachers are invited to an after school meetup from 4-7 PM at […]

  7. Surrey, meet the DEN

    “Connecting educators to their greatest resource….each other.” That’s the core principle under which the Discovery Educator Network operates. The great thing is you never know what or how those connections are facilitated. This past week I was in Vancouver and have been impressed over the past while at the burgeoning online community of passionate, thoughtful educators […]

  8. What Innovation Looks Like

    It was great to return to Nova Scotia and meet with teachers and leaders in several districts. Not only is Nova Scotia a beautiful part of Canada but the people are among the most hospitable. It was great to spend one morning in Bedford South School in Halifax. This is a school that serves students […]

  9. Sometimes, it’s just too much fun

    I feel guilty that I get to have this much fun and get paid for it. Wednesday Discovery Education Canada partnered with the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium and hosted a pre-conference event for the ATLE event in Edmonton, Alberta. To set the stage for the conference we send out this little preview video: I was […]

  10. A Quick Screencast

    I was great to see the last DEN newsletter feature 12 new Canadian STARs. Thanks to Chad and team for getting our technical issues sorted out. As I travel around and get to know the many educators across Canada using Discovery, it’s certainly evident how many fantastic, passionate teachers are out there. When I consider […]

  11. Hey Canadian STARs, We’ve Had Some Issues

    One of my goals as Canadian Community Manager has been to increase the number of DEN STARs in Canada. When I began the job in the beginning of January there were about 60 stars. Over the first few months that number increased to 80+. I’m not about to take credit for that that but the […]

  12. An Evening of Discovery

    What do you get when you  take folks from across Canada from their classroom, their kitchen, and their car  and connect them with 40 teachers in a local watering hole? An Evening of Discovery. Most of you have heard of Days of Discovery. These are full out events put on by Discovery during the day […]