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Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: The Calgary Edition

Ignite Your Passion for Discovery: The Calgary Edition

The #DEignite tour continues to be an overwhelming success. This time, we were in Calgary, a new city for us. With a very short turn around, we managed to “corral” (see what I did there) over 70 educators out on a Thursday night. More amazing was finding 8 courageous folks willing to prepare a talk

A little Principal love

We at Discovery Education love principals. We understand the critical nature of their role and their importance in school and student success. It’s why people like Jannita have helped developed more opportunities for these folks to connect and learn in the same ways we support our broader educational community. It’s with this in mind that

What Are You Curious About? The Edmonton Edition

A packed house in Edmonton featured 8 wonderful Ignite presentations, great networking and an impromptu karaoke-style presentation on assessment. The theme asking “What Are You Curious About?”, meant presenters would pose a question and proceed to explore it during their talks. The theme of engagement and passion were prevalent from throughout the evening. At least

What Are You Curious About? First Nations Education

In September, DEN Star April Waters, from St. James-Assiniboia School District in Winnipeg, Manitoba, shared a powerful Ignite talk on moving forward with First Nations Education. If you enjoyed listening to April, please send her a shout out here or follow her on Twitter. Discovery Education Canada also has some great resources on First Nations Peoples

5 Ways to Use Discovery Education – September Edition

September was our 8th edition of our  5 Ways to Use Discovery Education webinar series.  Each month we are highlighting DEN Community members as they share five unique strategies, tools, or resources for using Discovery Education in your classroom.   Kyle led this month’s edition. Susan Bowdoin, a STAR from Albuquerque, kicked us off with

What Are You Curious About? The Winnipeg Edition

This Monday we kicked off another series of “Ignite Your Passion for Discovery” in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Educators in Manitoba have only been back at work for a couple of weeks and yet 85 of them gathered for 10 inspiring talks and great conversations. This year’s sub-theme asks the question, “What Are You Curious About?’ Topics ranged