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  1. Maintain Your Star Status!

    This was posted by Lance on the National Blog…If you are not subscribed to it through RSS or Feedblitz I would highly recommend it. It’s quick and easy, just enter your email address on the National Page and voila! You’re Done! For those of you that are not STAR members at the present time, it’s […]

  2. Voki – and the classroom

    The question was raised last night by Karla Holcomb of the TN LC how Voki could be used in education. I received this voice answer to your question Karla from Karen S. So here goes! “Karen asked me to take this particular voki off….she will make a comment below as to her asking me to.” […]

  3. Florida DEN Voki's Panera

    AC_Voki_Embed(200,267, ‘91787b60a03b8a45bd414583933d9495′, 2599, 1, ”, 0); Get a Voki now! If you have not read Steve Dembo’s Digital Passports post on Voki, you really need to do so now. Between grades being due today at my school and re-imaging the first of about 300 computers for next year I’ve not had a chance to check […]

  4. End of Year Coffee Social

    I’ve been trying to sit down and get this written for the last 3 days. Something just SEEMS to keep coming up to delegate it to the back burner. Here goes my proposal for an end of year coffee social. What: End of Year Coffee SocialTime: 5pmWhen: Next Tuesday 5/15/07Place: Panera Bread @ The Loop, […]

  5. Where Will You Be at 1:00 Today?

    What does the producer of the Science Channel and an astronaut have in common? They will both be on the Discovery Webinar today at 1:00! If you haven’t checked out the new Discovery Virtual Project visit and sign your class up for this collaborative project. Here’s the link about today’s webinar and info on […]

  6. Going to NECC?

    Greetings Florida:   Discovery is working on plans for NECC, and would like to have you log on to the DEN National Blog and complete a short poll. This will let them know if you are planning to attend NECC, and if you would be interested in attending a DEN event at the conference. Here […]

  7. Anyone up for a catch?

    Nothing like a deceiving title to ‘catch’ your attention! About a year ago I actually won something in a DEN contest at one of our Polk Socials. I had the choice of the Pilot episode of "The Deadliest Catch" or something else (see, it wasn’t good since I didn’t choose it eh?). As you can […]

  8. DEN's Earth and Space Virtual Project

    The DEN has created a new project to connect our students with one another.  The first misson will be to create a Google Earth placemark for your school site.  If you are thinking, "What is a Google Earth placemark?" don’t worry.  There is a webinar on Thursday at 1:00 for you and your students on […]

  9. Tech Forum Orlando

    I will have to say, Friday went just way too fast for me. As you can see, your Florida DEN bloggers represented well, and thank you to David Warlick for being kind enough to take this picture with us. David was the keynote and I had barely enough time to keep up with the Inspiration […]

  10. Tech Forum – Orlando

    I’m a little late in publishing this. Personally I think taking me out back and letting me find my own way home might be a good penance. Tomorrow is Tech Forum – Orlando. Our very own Florida DEN STAR Kay Teehan will be presenting on Digital Storytelling. I always jump at the chance to support […]

  11. Time is Running Out

    Tic, toc, tic, toc….  That’s the sound of time running out to apply for one of the DEN summer institutes.  These are fantastic trainings and I highly recommend them if you have the time.  All registrations must be turned in by April 13th, yes, that’s this Friday! Here are your 3 choices: Discovery Headquarter, Silver […]

  12. A Message from the Chair

    I had several people already this morning email me with not getting Carole’s email. I will work with her on double checking the mailing list. In the meantime here is here message. My Dear Florida STARs: They tell me that the third time is the charm. I am going to put that little piece of […]

  13. Some Subtle, yet Important, Reminders

    It seems my computer is possessed tonight. This is going to be my third time attempting to type up this blog post. Hopefully the third time is the charm! But enough about my problems. I’ve been trying to get this typed up for the last 4 days and something seems to always crop up and […]

  14. ToonDoo

    I posted this on my personal blog and wanted to share it with all my DEN friends as well. It never fails, after I click publish something REALLY COOL comes up. Again, thanks to Tech Crunch for showing this off. As described on their website, “ToonDoo is a wacky way to get creative with comics. […]

  15. Planet Earth

    What an amazing day!  Today, the fourth graders in Paula Rovnak’s class joined me in a live chat and webinar with Penny Allen, the producer of Planet Earth. Last week we previewed the site and various clips related to the upcoming mini-series.  The students were so excited about the program but they also had many […]

  16. Parents and students survey on edtech

    Came across this interesting little tidbit off of eSchool News online today. Parents, teachers and students were asked to voice their opinion on how they felt technology was being utilized in schools. Some of the highlights of the survey results include: The study shows that students want to learn math and science through real-world problem […]

  17. DEN National Institutes

    Thought it was wise to repost this over here in case someone missed it over on the National Blog. Having attended last summer’s National Institute in Silver Spring, MD, this is something VERY worth attending. Many of the people I met last summer I keep in contact with today. It’s a great networking tool to […]

  18. I'm Back…

    I didn’t really make an announcement here, but I’ve been pretty much incognito for the past few weeks. My wife and I took the plunge and became homeowners for the second time in our lives. BIG step for us. It’s a beautiful house in a great location (7 minutes from my new school!) So if […]

  19. Discovery and Politics

    Wow!  What a crazy week and half.  Last week I had the unique opportunity to speak to the Senate education committee in Tallahassee about the importance of digital video in education.  Right now the Senate is looking at the budget and trying to determine if they want to recommend spending money on this resource for […]

  20. Welcome Back – Again

    I’m sure I can speak for my CO-blogging coordinator Debbie Bohanan, that we welcome back the Florida blog in its new and improved state. We look forward to being able to connect with you all again! It’s hard to believe it’s been about a month since FETC came and went. In that time I know […]

  21. What exactly is unitedstreaming?

    As some of you might already know, I’ve started in a new position as a network manager/technology specialist at an elementary school here in my district. This is going to offer MANY surprises and LOTS of challenges. (Note the 3 pages of work orders I’m sifting through this evening already) One of the biggest surprises […]

  22. Guest Blogger – Kay Teehan

    I asked STAR DEN member and author Kay Teehan to shed some light with everyone else her experience from last week’s FETC Conference 2007. Here’s what she had to say: The Florida Educational Technology Conference was, as usual, information overload for all who attended. Here are some of the highlights that I came away from […]

  23. FETC and iPods

    How many of you are ready to unleash the true power of the iPod? I have been an observer and after seeing Hall’s presentation today, I need an iPod! Did you know that you can download any quicktime movie and place it on your iPod?  Probably.  But did you also know that you can take […]

  24. FETC Pre-conference

    Wow!  What an exciting week!  The pre-conference started Wednesday morning at Universal Studios.  When I arrived in the parking lot, Scott Kinney and Hall Davidson were in the car next to us.  Danielle got out and gave the lady in the car a big hug and they took a photo.  She came over and I […]