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  1. Welcome to the DEN (STAR level)!

    Welcome to our new Michigan STARs! Tammy Bade                                Matt Barsen Barb Kowalewsky                      Lynn Krentz Rebecca O’Bryant                      Amanda Polaski Tina Robbins                              Carolyn Robbins Vicki Welch                                 Nancy Wind Katie Konkel                              Heather Monahan Annette Betke                         Lisa Gleason Matt Oney Trisha Weaver Don Erickson Erica Gildner                    Natasha Huber           Shelly Henderson  

  2. 2 More to share from MACUL14

    Here are a couple  more nuggets gleaned from this year’s MACUL conference. Kahhoot! is an online site where you have participants answer questions with their device (pc, phone, tablet) in a game show (kind of) format.Think of student-response-system that uses the students’ devices. Participants get points based on right answers and how quick they answer. […]

  3. Minecraft at MACUL14

      Diving into Minecraft, specifically MinecraftEdu. Why have I NOT gotten into this yet? One goal was to try to catch up with my sons and I feel that I can just about keep up with them. This will be on my to-do list for what to being back to my school and district. Being […]

  4. New Michigan STARs!

    Welcome to the DEN STAR fold fellow Michigan educators!       Khrissy Budzios, Lanette Carmack, Inga Costello, Carri Dyl, Deborah Ely, Molly Flitt, Tammy Gibson, Natalie Green, Katie Kehrl, Kelly Lathers, Nancy Lauseng, Samantha Marino, Deb Miller, Nicole Mooney, Stephanie OLaughlin, Angel Post, Mary Quatro, Kristen Rummel, Gail Schmidt, Laura Shingle, Darlene Shown, McKenzie […]

  5. Going to the MACUL Conference? Check out these DEN STARs!

    (** Please note that any sessions on Wed. are Pre-Con sessions and have an additional cost)   Cheryl Lykowski (DEN Guru too!) 3 Count them! 3 sessions! You’ve Got the Power! Becoming a Google Power Searcher Thursday, 10:00 am – 11:00 am Global Explorers – Connecting and Collaborating Around the World Thursday, 2:30 pm – […]

  6. 2013 MACUL Conference (D-Town!)

          The time is fast approaching for the wildly popular MACUL Conference in Detroit! For those that are attending, thinking about attending, or even mildly interested about attending PLEASE think about trying out one or more of the pre-conference sessions. These sessions are very worth the cost of attending. They cover more in-depth topics and […]

  7. Congratulations to Michigander Edie Erickson

    I would like for you to join me in meeting and congratulating Michigan DEN Star, Edie Erickson! Edie is a 3rd Grade teacher from Manistique, Michigan and was recently accepted to attend the DEN Summer Institute in Burlington, Vermont! Edie and I got together over “Google” during a recent snow day of mine and after […]

  8. WebExplorer episode 2

    Presenting our very own Cheryl Lykowski  (DEN Star, LC member, DEN Guru, etc) with her WebExplorer episode 2 screencast. She shares her insights and usefull tools of web sites and whatnot. In this episode she focuses on the search feature at DE Science. It’s good stuff.

  9. 2013 MACUL Conference PreCon’s

    Below is a shameless plug for the SIGMM (special interest group multimedia) conference sessions that they are hosting. In fact, all the SIGs are hosting sessions. Click here for details on what there is offered. For those of us that have attended the conference and have not participated in the pre-con sessions you may want […]

  10. Sites you may find useful, I do

    One of the tasks that I have placed upon myself before the school year starts is creating class lists and student accounts for the sites that my students and I use throughout the year. I have found them to be very useful as; a classroom management tool, content learning site, and even something fun to […]

  11. Not At ISTE? No Problem!

    Thousands of people have converged into one area this week. San Diego. Quite a few people I know are in San Diego this week for the well-known ISTE Conference. I’ve attended and presented at several ISTE conferences in the past and I will say, it is definitely worthwhile. The amount of professional development and networking […]

  12. Welcome to our new Michigan STARs!

    A warm welcome to the newest STAR’s of the DEN (Michigan)! Todd Bloch Hilary Grant Eric Kipling Gwenn Marchesano Michelle Moody Brian VanDerziel Welcome to the best educator community on the planet! Please go ahead and post a comment and tell us a bit about yourself.

  13. #edcamp Detroit

    Fellow DEN Star, LC Chair, and DEN Guru Cheryl Lykowski had this to share about edcamp Detroit and Discovery Education. We wanted to take a moment and thank Discovery Education for their amazing support of Edcamp Detroit. Discovery Education has been leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, digital content to school districts large […]

  14. #MACUL12

    Are you ready to MACUL?! This year’s conference should be one of the best yet. For those attending or not we will be using #macul12. This is good to know for something called Twitter. I hear you should check it out. A great tool to use for those attending is the on-line planner. You […]

  15. Online Phonics Resources

    While searching for phonics  resources online to supplement our district’s curriculum. Here are sites that I found. Some are interactive, some have pre-made printables, and some have a tool to create your own phonics printables. Cando’s Helper Page  Hard/Soft C and G sounds SEN Teacher (onset and rime) Phonicsworld Funfonix Tools for Educators Lanternfish: phonics […]

  16. ARKive: Images of Life on Earth

    While I was perusing Promethean Planet for lessons to use with my 2nd grade geography unit this site was within the search items. What an awesome resource! Just watching the introduction video by Sir David Attenborough gave me goosebumps. Watch it below.

  17. 9-11 Resources On-Line

    In gathering resources for my lessons on 9-11, these are some that I have come across. BrainPop’s September 11 page Teach+Learn: National 9/11 Memorial Scholastic’s 9/11 page History Channel has 3 pages: Ten Years Later: 9/11 Attacks, 102 Minutes that Changed America Discovery Education also has their page with links to resources: Rise: Reconnect & […]