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  1. Toledo location for the Spring Virtual Conference

    Spring Virtual Conference 2010: Connect the Thoughts Saturday, April 24, 9AM – 4PM Join the Discovery Educator Network for an in-person event at: Gesu Elementary School, 2045 Parkside Boulevard, Toledo, Ohio 43607 Breakfast, lunch and prizes will be provided for FREE! Come spend the day learning and networking with colleagues and friends. Register at: […]

  2. MACUL Conference Bits and Pieces

    MACUL Conference 2010 STAR’s in Action. Here is a list of STAR’s who are are presenting at this year’s conference. Wednesday, March 10, 2010 8:30-12:00 Melissa White~Interactive Classroom Technology, preK-6 1:00-4:30 Melissa White~ Interactive Classroom Technology, 7-12   Thursday, March 11, 2010 10:00-11:00 Wynn Draper-Bryant~DyKnow: Interactive Program—Haldane Rm. Patti Harju~Wikis in the Classroom –Grand Gallery […]

  3. Geo-Caching on the Cheap

    Being the miser that I am I have been looking on and off for a free geocaching app/program that I could use on my cell phone (Palm Treo 800w). Lo and behold I found one today that really works! GCzII from NICQUE It connects with the official geo-caching site, I have played around with […]

  4. Time to Blabberize

    Blabberize is one of those fun and cool web “tools” that I’ve been waiting to try out with my students when I came up with a useful and educationally sound reason. Also the time had to be just right. Well, the time has come. For our study on important and influential African-Americans  and our Black […]

  5. When does envy turn to something darker?

    How about when a small part of our staff PD day is held in my room and the staff sees all the new Smart Technology tools I am trying out and evaluating for the district? Included; Large wall mounted Smartboard with boom-mounted LCD projector, wireless tablet (Airliner),  Smart’s document camera, wall mounted speakers, class set […]

  6. Pledge to You

    I pledge to you to provide a quality blog. I pledge to fulfill the responsibilities of the Blog Coordinator. I pledge to have a post every week. I pledge to be a better leader of the Blog Team. Members of the Leadership Team are attending a retreat and we are getting reenergized for the  the […]

  7. Music in the classroom

    I was thinking the other day (yes, you smell smoke and no, it did not hurt). Does the music I play at various times in my classroom really matter? One day, one of my students asked what happened to the music. She was missed it while she was doing her math Do Now. Humm. Looking […]

  8. Some DenTastic Webinars

    There are some interesting webinars coming up. Check them out! Becoming a Storm Ready School Webinar Monday, November 16 at 4 PM ET Learn how your school or district can easily become certified as StormReady.  Guest speaker Angelia Enyedi from NOAA’s National Weather Service will walk educators and district administrators through the simple process as […]

  9. Just what the Michigan Weather calls for

    Classrooms Are Awesome! The Return of the Discovery Education Hoodie We know that you do some awesome work in your classrooms using Discovery Education resources.  So show us!  Upload a 1-2 minute video, podcast, or other multimedia file that explains how you use Discovery Education resources to engage your students and get a limited edition […]

  10. Torch Has Been Passed

    The proverbial torch has been passed from Pam Shoemaker to myself, Eric Strommer. I am your humble Blog Coordinator for the Michigan DEN. But I am not alone in this venture. There is a team of DEN members who will be contributing posts on a regular basis. John Phillips from Battle Creek and Kristi Bush […]