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  1. Iowa AEA Online

    World Book Web – Free Webinars World Book will be offering free webinars during August, September and October on the World Book Web suite of products. The World Book Web products listed below are provided, via Iowa AEA Online, free to Iowa K-12 schools by Iowa AEAs: World Book Kids (preschool & middle school) World […]

  2. InstaMapper

     It was almost exactly one month ago Hall Davison from The Discovery Educator Network gave a presentation at the DEN LC Institute about the use of cell phones in the classroom. I learned a ton of really cool things you can do with a cell phone in the classroom. He then went on to say […]

  3. Iowa Technology Education Connection

    After I attended the DEN Leadership Conference this summer I realized how vital peer to peer connections are in the realm of growing technological “toys.” I would consider myself pretty knowledgable with up to date “toys” and software but in one week I realized how much I didn’t know. I then became more enthusiastic about […]

  4. Cell Phones in the Classroom

    On day two of the LC Institute we had a ton of great opportunities to tap into the brains of other tech savvy DEN members.I went to five sessions and learned about green screening with Adobe Premiere Elements, Professional Networking with Twitter and Plurk, and Blogging.Hall Davison also gave an excellent Keynote to start the day off with a presentation on using cell […]

  5. DEN LC Institute

    On day 1 at the LC institute we had the opportunity to meet other LC members and collaborate to make a video based off of the Discovery Channel commercial many of you may have seen. The commercial has all of your favorite Discovery personalities singing a song called, “Boom de ah da.”The above commercial is […]

  6. Google Maps and More

      This summer has had an unbelievable beginning. Although the news on the subject has begun to dwindle an extraordinary amount of volunteers keep sacrificing their time to help out flood victims. During the first few days of sandbagging my family and I would get calls at anytime of the day saying they could use any help they could […]

  7. DE Streaming Summer Courses

      Discovery Education Streaming (United Streaming) in the Science Classroom Online – begins online June 2-25, 2008 for  2 credits (Staff Development and Drake offered); Heartland Activity #: SC003899990901 . This online course will discuss the use of the video streaming website United Streaming in the Science classroom. United Streaming offers video, video segments, images, […]

  8. Free Web Streaming

       I discovered this little beauty the other day from one of the students I have. All you need is a video camera and a way to connect it to your computer. The online site ( converts the video through flash player. Once you have your account setup you are ready for live video streaming. […]

  9. Day of Discovery, May 14th 2008

    Join us for an engaging technology-infused professional development day focused on creative ways to use digital media in the classroom. Learn techniques to inspire your students and maximize the resources from Discovery Education streaming. The World is Just Awesome: Integrate it in Your Class! You will learn step-by-step instructions on how to integrate Discovery Education streaming  […]

  10. Student Technology Fair

    We are extending the deadline for registration for the student technology fair to May 1st, and we are waiving the $10 fee.  Please consider encouraging students to participate. ITEC and GWAEA are sponsoring a Student Technology Fair at GWAEA the morning of May 15th. Students can submit projects in the following categories: Multimedia, Web Presence, Programming, Video or Linear Presentations, […]

  11. DEN Spring Training 2008

    DEN Spring Training is back! This year the DEN coaches are scouting talent for the All-STAR team as well as looking for some new prospects to join the DEN squad. You have a couple ways to impress the coaches during DEN Spring Training and earn some DEN gear. Renegotiate Your Contract Every year STAR Discovery […]

  12. Using YouTube Videos

    I think it is safe to say that many teachers can find the good in you tube. However, the internet connection is a limiting factor  if it is not available. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that youtube amongst many other online video libraries could be downloaded. For example if you go to […]

  13. New Online Resources to Try Through April 15th

    In Iowa we are very blessed to have statewide access to some of the best online resources out there without having to have our individual districts or schools purchase them. The Iowa AEAs and the Iowa Educators Consortium (IEC) who currently give us access to Iowa AEA online and discounted pricing on hardware and software […]

  14. Interactive White Boards and Interactive Tablets

    How many of you are currently using interactive white boards or wireless tablets?  Is one better than the other or are they both equally as useful in the classroom? It seems like there is a big effort in many schools to improve technology by incorporating interactive  white boards but I feel as though there are […]

  15. FETC Day 2

    Today was a very productive day in the realm of free web 2.0 tools for teachers. It started off with a video called “A Vision of Students Today” which a saw in a session and have put on this post. it was a strong and very true message and further advocates for the use of […]

  16. Jeff Corwin at FETC

    The conference began with Jeff Corwin’s expression of appreciation for teachers and to share his thoughts on the importance of education and it’s role in helping to better our world. He shared his journey of discovering his life goals and applauded the goals educators have given themselves throughout their educational endeavors. Corwin told one story […]

  17. DEN Pre-Conference Event at FETC

    The conference began with a hit for STAR Educators at the DEN Pre-conference event. The picture to the right shows a few of the STAR Educators observing some sharing from other teachers in the DEN. There were around 13 states represented at the DEN pre-conference event and 49 states represented at the conference along with […]

  18. IOWATER and GIS

                  I want to share with you a really cool resource available to you for free over the Internet. If you have ever used GIS software before you should be fully aware of the power it has in teaching due to the vast amount of information at your fingertips. If […]

  19. Second Life Webinar

    “Get a Life, a Second Life That Is!” is a webinar aimed at educators who would like to learn more about Second Life and how this virtual world can contribute to your PLN (Personal/Professional Learning Network).  Brand new to Second Life?  Join the WebEx!!!  Thinking about entering Second Life?  Join the WebEx!!!  Never heard of Second […]

  20. Orange County Choppers E85 Bike

      Speaking of Discovery Channel shows, I had the opportunity to see the E85 chopper made from the Teutul’s from the Discovery show Orange County Choppers as it toured the state. There is some information below I found from about the bike and why it was created along with some other informational sites. If […]

  21. Podcasts Anyone?

    I would like to know if there are any Iowans out there who are currently podcasting with their students or for their students. It seems to be that putting audio or video out on the internet with easy access and viewing has created an easy way for students to get excited but at the same […]

  22. The Forecast Calls for an Iowa DEN Launch!

    The Weather Channel Gadgets powered by Google Welcome to the IOWA DEN! Although today’s weather may not be perfect the Iowa DEN Leadership Council thinks it is the perfect time to begin building our collaborative community of sharing and knowledge. We are looking forward to providing you with professional learning opportunities, resources, and a frequently updated blog […]