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  1. EPIC STORY Launching Soon

    Epic Story Image

    Discovery Education Launches Back-to-School Student Campaign: EPIC STORY On September 8, get your students involved with Discovery Education with this fun, interactive, 3-phase campaign. Students will vote for their favorite clips from cool Science Channel shows, meet a legendary producer during the Virtual Field Trip, and use Board Builder to tell their own epic stories! Pick One […]

  2. DE Summer School: DENSday – DEN Connects

    Help your students become empathic and responsible global citizens by connecting them to students in other classrooms around the country with DEN Connects. We’ll provide monthly topics to help you jump into fun and productive conversations and a list of educators with whom you can connect. On the first of each month, DEN Connects will provide a few resources, […]

  3. DSN Summer Series: Last Week

    The DSN Summer Series is coming to a close, just as shouts from the community pool begin to fade and cool evening breezes provide some relief from the heat and humidity. If your students are back in school, please welcome them to try some of our Summer Series boards in their spare time. Next week, […]

  4. Student Network Summer Series: Flying Machines

    This week, students who are following the DSN Summer Series are exploring FLYING MACHINES. They’ll be checking out the flying machines of the future and the past, and then trying their hands at designing some airplanes (paper) of their own! If you’re working with students this summer, encourage their imaginations to soar during this week’s Discovery Student Network Summer Series: Flying […]

  5. DSN Summer Series for Camp, Rainy Days, Fun!

    Are you spending your summer with any students? Maybe you are leading a summer camp session for gifted students, or maybe you are teaching a summer school class. If you are looking for some themed, educational activities, try our Discovery Student Network Summer Series. We’re just about to enter WEEK 5 and we’ve already taken […]

  6. DSN Summer Series: Week 3 — At-Home Science

    The DSN Summer Series continues this week with the launch of the At-Home Science board. Many students are off for summer break and already into the DSN Summer Series. Help your students stay connected — make sure they’re aware of our Summer Series boards!   This week’s Summer Series is an interactive, fun show of […]

  7. DSN Summer Series Has Launched


    The Discovery Student Network has launched its Summer Series, designed to keep students learning and exploring over the summer. The collection of Boards, created in Board Builder, is comprised of weekly-themed boards filled with resources and activities, such as at-home science, model-making, videos, audio books, experiments, ideating, reading, creating, and more. Every Friday is “Board Not […]

  8. It’s Summer at the DSN

    Today marks the beginning of summer at the Discovery Student Network and we’re launching our Summer Series with a week-long study of ART. (Next week’s topic is SPEED!) Make sure your students go home for the summer with their usernames and passwords, so they can access the Summer Series from any computer or device with an […]

  9. 30 Minutes of Discovery: Today!

    Today is the day for 30 Minutes of Discovery: we hope you’ll give your students — and yourself — 30 minutes to discover new things and explore various interests in their Discovery Education accounts. We have some early birds reporting on how they spent their 30 minutes and trending topics are earthquakes, space, music, and […]

  10. 30 Minutes of Discovery: May 16


    DISCOVERY EDUCATION UNVEILS NEW ANNUAL EVENT FOR STUDENTS On May 16th, encourage your students to spend 30 Minutes exploring their own interests and discovering new ones in their Discovery Education student accounts. Frogs – yep! Music – yep! The history of airplanes – yep! The sky’s the limit: just explore and enjoy. When they’re done […]

  11. Coming Next Week… Making Stuff with Discovery Ed: Blabberize

    April’s Making Stuff with Discovery Education will focus on Blabberize… and will be hosted by our very own Porter Palmer! Please join us on Thursday, April 10, from 7:00pm – 7:30pm EST for a quick overview of Blabberize, including sound instructional practices and a look at the student-directed tutorial. Register here. Find the archives of […]

  12. Making Stuff with DE: iPiccy Tutorial

    The student-directed tutorial for using Discovery Education resources with iPiccy is now recorded and archived. You can find this short, 7-minute tutorial below, archived in, and at this link: Please encourage your students to watch and learn! (More tutorials to come in the next few months.)

  13. Happy Pi Day! Resources & Activities


    Happy Pi Day! I’ve created boards (one for the US and one for Canada) with the Top 3.14 Resources & Activities for elementary, middle, and high school students. Please note: the “.14″ activity is about “pie/pi” and, in particular, “Raspberry Pie/Raspberry Pi.” Click on the US or Canada board to use. Enjoy!  

  14. Making Stuff with DE: WeVideo Tutorial

    The student-directed tutorial for using Discovery Education resources with WeVideo is now recorded and archived. You can find this short, 8-minute tutorial below, archived in, and at this link: Please encourage your students to watch and learn! (More tutorials to come in the next few months.

  15. Making Stuff with DE: New Series

    We are happy to announce Making Stuff with Discovery Education: a new webinar series. The series consists of tutorials and webinars to showcase a variety of tools to “make stuff” with Discovery Education content.  They are all related to student-created content using the funkiest web tools available. Each Making Stuff… will highlight one web tool […]

  16. DEN Connects: Olympics!


    Are you and your students excited about the start of the Winter Olympics? The excellence, the competition, the history… so much to explore. Join us now for a special DEN Connects Olympics theme. We look at the History of the Olympics, Training for the Olympics, the Paralympics, and Hosting the Olympics. DEN Connects allows you […]